HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 (woo woo)

I guess it’s traditional for all good movie sites to start the year with what they are looking forward to. I did that last year with a meandering ramble regarding the films coming out in the flowing 12 month period. This will be kinda the same, but I first, a massive and simple note from the heart in the Key of A (just like a party blower?)

“…..Happy New Year……!”.


All the nerds in the UK are avoiding movie gossip as they are presently more preoccupied with the casting of the new Doctor Who (remarkably early announcement of Matt Smith…just click).

So this year here is three that I’m really looking forward to seeing (still not sure about hearing - followers of blog..). Oh and before anyone complains it goes without saying that Watchmen, The Spirit (kinda), X-Men Origins wolverine, and several others are already not to be missed, so these are three others.

Sherlock Holmes
(Starring Robert Downey Jnr, Jude Law, and directed by Guy (cheers for the settlement Maj) Ritchie

RDJ has suffered a massive pay increase in Hollywood thanks to Iron Man and his multi film deal, so this one should be impressive. Heavy on the Kung Fu and action, as well as plot points nicked from several books from the original canon. Downey is one of the few Americans that can do an English accent and bravo! The big reveal of Morriate in the end (I’m sure there will be one) will bound to lead to talk of sequels.

Star Trek
(Ensemble cast including well I’m sure you know…)
The latest offering does a Batman and a Bond and reboots to the beginning of the saga when James T Kirk, got his exams yadda and became a rookie in Star Fleet. A young spock and crew join him, in a film that again will try to reboot, play with time lines, and still allegedly stay true to the original shouters of Enterprise techno babble. Truthfully who doesn’t want to see this?Inglorious Bastards
Tarentino’s latest hits us soon. An ode to the Dirty dozen has a massive stellar cast and well written plot, that promises a cross between Saving Private Ryan, Reservoir dogs, and a spaghetti western. Bound to be a top notch flick for nostalgic and modern audiences.

So there’s the ones I like the look of,
Love you all and once more what casting for doctor who? Only time will tell..

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