roger moore (film of his life!)

It is with great glee that this writer puts pen to paper when he hears that the next big idea in Hollywood is to film the life story of Roger Moore.

Moore has been known in his career as a swaggering gentleman personified in the Saint and as Bond, but for those in the know; had the markings at an early age as a great actor, and although never allowed to reach the peak of his skills (purely through typecasting) he has hit octogenarian status (I think?) with a consistent love of live and acceptance as his place in cinema.

Whether you watch the saint form the 60’s or the persuaders from the 70’s or Bond through the 70’s and 80’s he has a great screen presence. I strongly recommend you catch the 1970 film called “The Man who haunted himself” where Moore’s performance hints at genuine greatness.

I loved his biography which reveals his thoughts, copious anecdotes as well as the Hollywood players he was not too fond of. For me, his writing style appears to be not ghost writen I am pleased to say, and most importantly, thoughtful and insightful

Heres a trailer for Roger's top performance in "The Man who Haunted Himself" - the film is top notch but forgive and except the 70's trailer style.

So Who could play this man ?

Johnny Depp was slyly suggested by Roger himself in a recent interview, and sure he may have the acting chops, but I’m not too sure? As always thoughts and suggestions are always welcome people.


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