MYSTERY TEAM (brand new stonkin trailer)

Morning all !

I love being in a world where people can self publish, this Blog is a prime example and its following has given me sense of worth that my writing is quite liked. In the film world the guys at Derrick Comedy , have produced a trailer for what may be their first full length feature. Entitled Mystery Team the guys have put together a witty couple of minutes.

I strongly recommend you check out the trailer as it will raise a smile. Some of their shorts(I believe released through college humour) are risqué but very very funny, particularly if you like Guy Pierce’s turn in memento. (watch it you’ll see what I mean)

Who says Hollywood doesn’t listen as well, remember the wonderful short trailer I featured for Grayson? A fan made film that highlighted a pretend movie about Batman’s side kick. Well it seems as a replacement for Smallville next season is going to be called the Grayson’s about the family that produced Robin.

Back on track though please feel free to enjoy and check out their website Derrick Comedy

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