Michael Caine (back in action)

Well the news is good and we may get to see Alfred, erm sorry Michael Caine back on top form in a new vigilante movie from writer Gary Young. The film will be filmed from this November and be called, Harry Brown, with Sir Michael playing the lead role. In the same genre of the films that made him famous in the 60’s. Sir mike plays an old serviceman who is sick of the slum he lives in and decides to clean it up. It looks like it could be a good move for Mr Caine, who was a class act in the 60’s Brit cinema scene, and has had a bit of a renewal in Batman Begins, and the Dark Knight.

Catch Mikey dishing some whoop ass here, al be it many years ago of course. The soundtrack was amazing - and note original voice over man! Buy the DVD if you can!

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  1. Anonymous20:09

    I do need to go see the new spider man movie. I have been to busy and I need to take the time to see it. I hope he does well in his new movie, it sounds like it will be a good one.

    Love and Blessings,




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