NEWMANFILMS - (thanking Bloggerwave)

I’d like to thank all the sites that have noticed Newmanfilms slipping up the ranks, and the website is doing well thanks to the guys that offer some fantastic promotional opportunities. However the reason I am really happy is that you the reader has allowed us to write what we love about and enjoy generating a second income stream where we can.

The latest that has helped us get noticed (and more importantly) bring a little bit of income to the website are the guys at Bloggerwave. They manage to allow you to generate some advertising revenue from the Blog that you lovingly write on a daily basis! The Make Money, option conveniently fits in with whatever industry your site sits within and we look forward to spreading the word about this excellent website tool. They aim to be the number one in media advertising on Blogs, and they would like our help making this possible.

On a side note Love you all and see you soon!


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