HELLBOY II REVIEW (The Golden Army and Navy)

Well the interesting think about sequels (is sequels the interesting things - excuse the Tigger reference) is that they are often lazily written. You get a cracking first instalment and then the world turns a few times, the writers wonder what to do next with their advance, and the actors think of a great big pay cheque (and who can blame them). There are of course exceptions to the rule, examples would be the recent Dark knight (etc etc ), or the Godfather II, or even the classic “Empire Strikes Back”. This unfortunately is not the norm and for every Aliens you get a Dumb and Dumbererererer…..

I have to say that “Hellboy II ; The Golden Army” is unfortunately not as gripping, visceral or even exciting as its original. Not a total disaster but not as well done as it deserved to be with the fans, viewing public and comic nerds gasping in awww. The story picks up with a flashback and deserved cameo to set the scene for the modern nastiness that will invade and try to wage war on humanity, A villain played well by the guy from Bros and a plethora of creatures created in animatronics and CGI make the film look great but lack the heart of the original. The themes from the first are continued but by now we get it …..humans don’t like Hellboy, and that Selma Blair is hot, we understand that the battle that Hellboy fights is an internal one as well…

I mustn’t take away from the leanings of the visuals to absolute loveliness in parts, (great cinematography) and the sound worked well in the local multiplex, and will be superb on Blueray. I was troubled that the film just didn’t fly above average. The flick has it’s moments as well, the tooth fairy’s are like no other and the fight with a forest god ends in a poignant and bittersweet scene finale. So we have the vision but not the plotting and scripting for the actors to carry.

It disappointed me to have a different voice for Abe Sapien, no matter if it’s the voice of the actor that played him this time. It’s the little attentions to detail that reduced the film to being timid. Hellboy II seems to be targeted to a younger audience rather than being rip-roaring and confident in the fan base that was huge on DVD and online. Great action but substandard and almost TV plotting have left the film good but not right. A bit like Hellboy unplugged..

Here’s the trailer, it hints at the excitement of the first film but the film itself seems to slip away when viewed in full, look at the trailer then compare it to the final flick.


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