GUEST CAMEOS (in and out of character)

Some would say the calm before the storm - however after the Mummy 3 and Hellboy 2, it is almost worth naming the month “the poor sequel month” , or in French it sounds so much better

“Un mois de séquelles pauvres" - - how beautiful is that?

Or maybe Spanish? - - “un mes de pobres secuelas”

Or my favourite is Romanian! - - “de o lun

ă de proastă sechele”


A quick tribute today to the actors who have stepped out of their screen persona and made some fun for the kid in all of us. I personally like the first entry where Robert De Niro helps Sesame Street’s Elmo imagine what it is like to be an actor. The performance here is award winning, not by De Niro himself, but by the puppet designers who actually manage to produce a Cabbage that looks like one of cinemas modern greats! As it was Bobby D's bday just the other day I'd ask you enjoy and feel free to comment...My favourite line is a Bobby D improvised classic; "I'm a good source of Riboflavin!"

Glenda Jackson is a fantastic (was a) actress born in the UK, and whose Shakespeare was famous in these parts for its nuance and power. However she was very happy to become a pirate for an episode of the Muppets in the early 80’s. One wonders what film she was plugging at the time, and one hopes that she puts as much passion into her role on the political scene within the UK.

The best director of any 5 year period Tarentino; does his best and thankfully takes the Mickey out of himself in the pitch he delivers to Kermit for a new version of the seminal Wizard of Oz. Kermit proves he is so cool….and Tarentino is beyond fantastic.

In an advert only shown in the orient (I believe - please correct me if I’m wrong) Mr Pierce Brosnan embraces his Bondian heritage and appears with the lovely Ziyi Zhang as a passenger whose identy is confused by an amiable Tuk-Tuk driver. Nice advert, pure comerciallism and certainly still better that Lazenby even if its for 1 minute.

The forth entry is the wonderful well maybe on the Brosnan theme thanks to a nameless friend and you tube poster this is the voice only of well James Bond singing Abba - Note how the voice pales in comparison to Mel Streeps - truly sorry pierce…..still love ya tho! (SOS INDEED)

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