BERNIE MAC (passed away today)

Just checked the inbox and discovered that stand up comedian and now recognised actor Bernie Mac is dead. Although very famous in the states in TV, stand up, and films, he is more known in the UK for film work; most notably in the smaller watched Mr 3000 as an aging baseball star, and in Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle as Bosley. His largest role and most successful appearances were as one of the crew in the new version and subsequent sequels Ocean’s 11, (12 and 13) where his style fitted in with the film’s glitz and humour.

His stand up routines played on racial stereotypes and were wildy recognised as entertaining to all who attended. Commentators stated that under the swearing and the cursing, his humour was a universal and rewarding.

Bernie is survived by his wife of over 30 years and child, and his death at an early age will leave many wondering what else he could achieved. Next year he will be seen in "Soul Men" the story of an aging soul band back on the road for one last gig.

Here is a clip of Bernie in action


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