TERMINATOR SALVATION (another John Conner!)

Christian Bale is a busy geezer, cutting his teeth originally in the excellent Empire of The Sun (although repeat viewings of the film not his performance can grate) and being part of the Hollywood machine for I suppose all of his life really.

I first noticed his career in the interesting version of the "The Secret Agent" (Joseph Conrad), where he played a mentally impaired character destined for doom. His performance in "The Dark Knight" continues to rejuvenate the Batman franchise, and a steadfast exceptance when blending action and plot (see 3.10 to Yuma) have done him very well indeed. Prepared to take chances in his roles and happy playing a baddy (don’t forget Shaft) he is always bringing something good to the screen.

Following in the footsteps of Thomas Dekker, Nick Stahl and Edward Furlong he takes over the mantle of John Conner in the newest Terminator; Terminator Salvation. Not an unlikely casting, this film sets to be a possible franchise, and Bale is bound to give us that angst that a character with a predetermined fate must have.

Enjoy…and i love the way the static turns to music - watch and you'll get it......

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