SIZZLE THE MOVIE (some thoughts)

I would like to thank everyone that has linked us and made our rise to mediocrity possible! Just had a hit of a press release that I’d thought I’d let you know about. Just goes to show, the web makes a difference and people seem to be visiting us, to check out the Newman’s thoughts.

Al Gore yep that’s right ex white house worker and documentary maker is appearing for a chat on NPR’s talk of the nation. After him you can catch another film maker appearing and doing his bit to discuss the World Premiere of his film called "Sizzle: A global warming comedy"

If your interest visit the site itself over at www.sizzlethemovie.com to see when the viewings and the screenings are. Hopefully this mix of genres will prove to be as interesting as the buzz and demonstrate how the internet can push filmmakers forward as quickly as possible.

I won’t have a chance to watch the film quite yet, so a review is welcome, and as always love and peace. check out the trailer below....


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