QUANTUM OF SOLACE (some thoughts)

Well Casino Royale was sooooo very big ( I went to the premier don’t you know!) that what sort of film blog would this be if we didn’t mention the second outing of Daniel Craig’s incarnation of Fleming’s spy……Bond…..James Bond. Following on from where the last one finished (literally we are lead to believe) Quantum of Solace sets to be the best film of year (lets see if it’s better than The Dark Knight, I would imagine so, but lets see.)

One hopes the hype is well worth it, I have to say after seeing the trailer I am to say the least very excited, and hope that I will be able to contain by fan boy bond loving nerd-dom until October….
The film is pioneering the use of certain camera work and the stunts are real so we are told, and this time (unlike Indy…you bustards…….I believe it.)

The trailer is so cool. turn it up and enjoy....


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