MEET DAVE (Eddie murphy in Eddie Murphy?)

The film is marketed as a comedy and the expectation or buzz for this film is so low on the UK at the moment (everybody is Kung Fu Panda…..) that it is refreshing to review a film and genuinely have no real expectation as to whether it will be a success or not. Eddie Murphy shows some adeptness as "Dave" (the space ship in the shape of Eddie Murphy) and also as the captain of this said ship that crash lands on Earth on a mission on our planet. The film allows some of Murphy’s proficiency as physical comedy to come through, (but mostly facial expressions) and everyone in the film seems to be enjoying the amusing ride that is "Dave". I couldn’t in the film’s fence have imagined anyone performing as well as Murphy in the role.

We follow the effect that Earth and its inhabitants have on the intergalactic travellers that are on the planet for a more nefarious purpose than the trailers let on. There is some plot that comes through and the more sci-fi aspect effects are handled a little unsubtly but in a manner which should reward a family audience.

Dave is a bit of an enigma, it’s slightly more than you expected, but never really delivering what is could. A thumb’s up but don’t watch it more than once. From the trailer the clever(?) marketing guys did not know how to market the film, and we are left with an interesting trailer but one that doesn't relect the film's plot in anyway. Watch it and you'll see what i mean.

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