The spirit is based on a comic book, as so many are these days, so please take time to check out the trailer. Made in the vain of 300 and Sin City. The comic features a superhero in a skyscraper strewn cityscape. The film is set to be in the style of the original 1940’s comic strip, featuring our died and reborn superhero/vigilante.

Unfortunately I really don’t think the trailer shown below does the film justice and I much prefer the original teaser trailer than this one. Samuel L is always good (even when advertising cable TV in the UK) and I will see the movie, but I have to say I’m not too sure, particularly when you consider the quality of some of the other entrees here.

Second in the day we have the Markey Mark (sorry Mark Whalberg) starrer Max Payne. I loved the bullet time play station 2 version, and the film looks interesting if a little stayed in its design; almost like a cross between "Punisher" and any of the John Woo films that have graced the Hong Scene for many years. Very nice touch in the villains we glimpse and Mark Whalberg is notoriously reliable in these easy watching adult films (see The Shooter)

I like Jim Cassavettes he is a great actor and it’s interesting to see him appear in a film that could disappear to nowhere in a crowded schedule. It reminds me of Pathfinder with the underrated Karl Urban (although not so much in that film) but the interesting premise of a Viking/Alien cross over could work. Obviously the special effects may be tidied a bit but to all intense and purposes the film looks like an interesting viewing, and seems to capture the vibe of the alien hunter quite well.

Hellride is this Tarrantino inspired (and presented by) flick that looks set to trot favourably in the cinema and captures some classic actors as well as upcoming newbie’s in a homage to the 70’s biker flick. Madson, Hopper, Carradine.....what else do you need, watch with caution but enjoy nevertheless.

Eagle Eye features the next Hollywood glamour boy with an unpronounceable name (Shia LaBeof) make his way into the leading role in a grown up (really?) thriller. His life being controlled by a mysterious voice, one hopes there is not some ridiculous twist in the end reminiscing of "The Game" or "The Matrix" who knows. Well filmed though ill give it that.

I have saved what could be the most interesting yet cliched until last. Liam (old but still tough) plays it straight as a nasty bastard whose daughter gets kidnapped. The trailer says it all and i llok foraward to this with some gruff irish appreciation in me.

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