KUNG FU PANDA (70's cgi ass kicking)

The voices disappear into the background and the animation takes over in a funny and well made comedy CGI from DreamWorks. (except Ian MacShane - you have to love Lovejoy!) The film is well written and Jack Black’s Panda noodle soup maker is well placed to fulfil the prophecy of the "Dragon Warrior" chosen to fight an incoming escaped, evil Kung Fu overlord!

The film follows the plot of every Kung Fu film (reference Shaw Brothers) that was made in the 70’s, and does so well, with a homage in a dream sequence and training sequence to the aforementioned films. The Martial Arts itself is handled very well, with the animals styles of fighting managing to hint at the birthplace of certain kung fu styles.

The characters are well drawn and the action and everything else comes together to make the film fun and amusing, not ground breaking, but pleasant to spend 90 minutes in front of a big screen. The film manages to capture the tradition of Chinese film making in a surprisingly new medium, sand for that the film deserves some respect.


  1. Anonymous12:14

    Kung fu panda movies is very good and
    i like the movie very much

  2. nice one mate all good.

  3. nice one mate all good.




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