Journey the the Centre of the Earth (long live Doug McLure)

Brendan Frasier plays a scientist who lost his brother a long time ago in a land far away. (or rather underground and about ten years ago…) He’s nephew is dumped on him for a week holiday and low and behold the tectonic plates shift and an adventure unfolds!

Brendan Frasier’s amiability can only go so far. The film plays to and abuses archetypes, but this is the first film in a long time that has been made solely to demonstrate technology. As an adventure film, the experience isn’t that enthralling, and the technology seems to give this reviewer a headache (really) after about thirty minutes.

In part the film does itself some good favours with flying fish and pointing figures, and the magnetic rock scene is quite clever. The film seemed to please several audience members appearing to never getting too boring and raising some screams of wonder in the crowd (in the 8-12 year category). The Icelandic scenery shots are particularly exciting from a vista point of view but the film never captures the attention long enough as it only appears as an experience or a theme park ride. The 3D style of filmmaking could work in the right audience (nature documentary perhaps) but this exercise in film distraction left me little cold..

For those that want to see the trailer its here (2d or rather normal D I guess?)

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