THE DARK KNIGHT (seriously perfect)

The Dark Knight exceeds all expectations. The sequel to the expertly made Batman Begins, has managed to surpass all that have come before, in the superhero genre. I would boldly say, the film stands alone with some of the best films in the last ten years full stop.

Everything integral such as the action and the plot has been stepped up a gear, and the actor at the centre of this is not the Batman himself (a yet again phenomenal, and I really mean that ….Christian Bale) but the late Heath Ledger whose performance at times (jaw dropping) brings an intensity that makes the film realer, edgier, and much more adult than its rating in the UK belays. Watch with caution for the younger viewer, this clown is everything you feared.
The actors within this film all step up to the plate, as Chris Nolan the sterling director, exudates (a word I save to use when really needed) a realism that makes you completely forget the preposterousness of a man bat avenging angel.

Gary Oldman as Lt’ Gordon, Eric Roberts, Aaron Eckhart as a Harvey Dent, Morgan Freeman as Lucious Fox, and an excellent Maggie Gyllenhall as (thankfully) replacement Rachael Dawes, all provide the support that allows Christian Bale and Heath Ledger to counterpoint each other effortlessly.

The film is really alive, not when the action is fierce and the vistas are stunning, but when Ledger and Bale are alone conversing and debating the duality of humanity. This claim is not an easy one to state, as the vistas are superb, with the cinematography; both real and artificially generated, bring a darkness to Gotham that has not been seen before. Bruce Wayne’s turmoil is there in his private life and he acknowledges in this film that his time as the Batman is limited; there is only so much he can do to save Gotham and the world. In Harvey Dent we have a possible replacement as a figure that really can stand up to rid Gotham of the horrors it faces, as an incorruptible district attorney.

This film is so densely layered it could be debated for weeks, as a study on modern fears of terrorism, and a study of both the strengths and flaws of the human condition it comments accurately. The acting is perfect, and fits in with the realism the production is going for. The duality of the hero and the villain is textbook here, both know the problems that affect humanity. The Batman uses fear to protect the weak and catch the evil. The joker debates what is important in life and like every movie sociopath manages to cause havoc whilst making the viewer question their own perception and moral code.

Is this film amazing ? Perhaps but I am a movie nerd. Truthfully no film in the last few years has left me with a very intricate sense that I had just watched something very important. I actually left the cinema feeling as if I had watched a film, not that I had just been there to review it. It’s a very human thing to say, but this is a blog, and that’s what they are here for.

Go watch this film ASAP.


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  1. Thanks for the comment on my site awhile back, I've been away for a bit. Love the site, and I couldn't agree more about The Dark Knight. Great film.

  2. Anonymous06:59

    thanks for the comment - come again soon!





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