CINEMAS V's HOME (just a little thought)

The internet is full of wonder, and I love the fact that we can wander from pillar to post for 23.5 (half hour sleep is all I need…..) , without seeing the same webpage twice. Well at least you think that you do, I always seem to end up turning up at the same purveyor of dreams (the latest example would be free download service) even when I end up taking a different route, and looking through different keywords.

I have always like the fact that I can disappear into the world of movies, without having to worry about kettle or toilet brakes, and I can be immersed in the world in front of me completely. Dark Knight is a good example of the movie affect I’m going for, and a harking back to the days, when cinema was fresh and needed. However hacks are trying to change what we see! Please don’t let this trend continue!

Forget 2D cinema now we have 3D cinema, well let me tell you, the latest entry "Journey to the Centre of the Earth" made my head seriously ache! Maybe the glasses given to me were faulty. With services like Virgin Media in the UK, or Direct TV in the states it makes me want to stay in and watch something nice in the comfort of my front room. I have bought a huge TV which makes the HD signal from my PS3 much more entertaining, and when HD broadcasts from Sky or directtv are used it means that we can experience near real sounds and visuals at home.

Snackage wise I don’t have to pay £12.50 (25 dollarish) for large coke, popcorn, and hot dog (really) when they are stocked at home and ready on tap. I can boot up the teck and watch something in its full glory in deafening form through the 5dolby channels!


Cinema is the only thing that makes my stomach twinge like 13 year old before its first kiss. The reactions f the crowd, the sighs, shocks, and I told you so’s of five hundred people at the end of the Sixth Sense. The fact that everyone is caught in a moment and the film affects people so differently.

You don’t get that at home, I could have the greatest TV and sound system in the world, but if I didn’t have the experience with others (strangers are better) it just wouldn’t mean as much.


Please always go to the cinema!

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