Don’t you just love steam punk the definition ? Well as a creative type the film world hasn’t done it justice yet. The fake world of pretend Victorian steam powered engineering has always attracted me. Perhaps it’s a desire to mix science fiction with the Sherlock Holmes vibe I love so much; (in particular Jeremy Brett) The "League of Extraordinary Gentleman" was one of the failed attempts to do the great Alan Moore comic justice, and "Wild Wild West" was an equally failing remake of the 60’s show.

So where do we go for here? I hope Doctor Who producers listen and try to capture the vibe with the next doctor, but in the mean time we have a wonderful trailer for the interesting and entertaining "The Fall", from the director of "The Cell" with Jennifer Lopez. Personally I cant wait to see the flick and hope it does a good some good business !

The next in the line of hopefully career changing flicks is the J.C.V.D. The Frenchman has long said he wants to get some more substance in his work, and this looks to me lime his aims have been achieved with some real aplomb. Self reference and hard core fictional autobiographical angst, all for one of the greatest action stars ever! Cool, brave man, check it our yourself.

The introverted trailer

and look at the 6 minute full trailer here

Let me know any thoughts as always!

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