IRON MAN (a review)

I never really followed the Iron man comics in the same way that I did for Batman and Superman, and even Spiderman was a regular purchase. However as soon as I found out that Robert Downey Jnr (and not Tom I can eat planets Cruise) was going to be the play the lead of Tony Stark; I started to get a little more interested.

The film itself is a typical telling of a superhero story. The clich├ęs are famously in place and the rejuvenation of guilt free playboy to avenger in disguise is not without many obvious film parallels.

However the film is different because of the excellent central performance of Downey, who can run this part without even trying. Ironically his most uncomfortable is when he’s in the suit, perhaps as the CGI is doing everything for him.

I like the pleasant turn that sums up the current Anti-Happy superhero talk that permeates Batman, X-Men, Blade, and Spiderman. Stark like Downey realises that he is meant to be having some fun and games, as he has the burden of the world n his shoulders he shows that he’s choice is self imposed, so he likes to fight it in his own way.

The female will they wont they is played by Gwyneth Paltrow (or is it Martin) and Jon Favereu casts himself as a chauffeur and side kick. To pick a little would be to mention the film is obviously a set up for future sequels and spin offs. (All readily discussed) and the under-exciting climax does not retract from the character, plot and special effects which are somehow and unexplainably un-missable.

Have a look at the trailer here chums!

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