10000 BC

10000 BC is a reminder of the Ray Harryhasuen flicks of some 20 or thirty years (or is it 40? ago.) The film is a tongue in cheek affair although the famous director Roland Emmerich plays it straight, with his desire to capture action adventure, in a slightly bland mix of Apocalipto meets Jason and Argonauts.

The film appears to be set across the continent of Africa, and our hero is an underachieving hunter whose life goes into turmoil as he realises he is warrior of ancient prophecy when his girlfriend is kidnapped by a marauding slave takers. He embarks on a quest to save her, and on the way manages to encounter a digital zoo of long extinct creatures, that include a giant turkey (vicious yet gobbling humorously) and a Sabre Tooth tiger to boot.

The conclusion of the film is a fast paced affair and the CGI almost works, when they discover a lost civilisation running on mammoth labour, in a nod to the Egyptian Pharaohs. We even have the token asexual dictator (reminded me of 300) and an army of underlings to destroy. Notable for a good support turn from often underused Cliff Curtis as (I am sorry ) a character called Tic Tic, (keeps your breath fresh?) the film uses lesser known actors in an attempt to fund the huge CGI budget, and works in parts, but mostly when the action kicks in, and the dialogue does seem strained at times.

Emmerich does this well, and the cast is deliberately picked not to distract from the plot and the special effects, but when you have films in this genre now better written and observed, its hard to keep watching these. A good fun film for young ones if you can handle some of the gore.

If you wish watch the trailer here

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