2007 bye bye, hello 2008

Well the year finished with a bang for me, seventeen weeks sober as of Xmas weekend, and counting, that’s the biggest thing, and some great phone calls around the country to speak to some nice people and catch up with my extended family on boxing day.

From the point of view of film I was most happy; the blog seemed to be becoming more (is becoming more) popular and my writing has slipped (at least in my opinion) from mediocre to quite good. This year has to be about change, (plans to emigrate!) and I have to finish my scripts and sell them, that is a necessity. It would be a work of laziness to see them stand unfinished in twelve months time, as they have been in development for long enough to as near be perfect (again in my opinion). The shop is also doing quite well when I checked this morning.

Last year if you look at the review of the year, I think I did a little biggest disappointing/liked things, so with out going into too much detail, I’ll start with an apology for not reviewing I AM LEGEND, but I would think that’s been reviewed to death already……So Haiku for it reads something like

a cure for disease, turns all into the undead, immune man fights back.

THE 2007 lists should take a different turn so make sure you understand the list title before you read

As good as was predicted


The Bourne Ultimatum

Hot Fuzz

The Last King of Scotland

Expected to be poor and were excellent


30 days of night

Half nelson


Rocky Balboa

Eastern Promise

Vanishing point

Wasted Opportunities

Die Hard 4

Highlander the Source

The Hitcher

Bridge to Terrabithia

The Thief Lord


I am Legend

Well moving onwards - I'll leave with the list of the films I most want to see… and with some links as I love you crazy kids

CLOVERFIELD - Looks to be a good chance at being the film to beat even though it has a non blockbuster February release. The director of "alias" and MI3 returns with a cross documentary style lost footage alien blockbuster, shrouded in mystery, and if the leaked oil rig scene is anything to go by should be an amazing film. (Godzilla meets the office, meets jerry Bruckheimer….?)

JUMPER - Not a film about your nan’s left over Xmas present but, the first in a planned trilogy starring Anakin Haydn as a man who can jump through space at will, whilst being hunted by a shadowy government agency. Interesting and loved casting of Jamie Bell as a rogue jumper himself.

JOHN RAMBO - He’s sooo old he’s gotta be good…Reminds me of that Simpsons joke - Death wish 75...oooh I wish I was dead.

IRON MAN - Robert Downey Jnr as a superhero, what is not to love.

THE DARK NIGHT - Heath Ledger may just steal the film as the joker


JB 22 - So cool it may just even be named 007, how cool is that and just look at who they cast as the main girl…..

So chums that’s all for now will be back soon with everything as always, love peace, and keep staying in touch


  1. Anonymous12:59

    The last king of scotland is a great film, and the new rocky was part of the best films of this year... regards mate, great site

  2. Anonymous22:59

    thank you for your thoughts, ermmmm nice website to!

    the newman

  3. Anonymous11:52

    thank you for your thoughts, ermmmm nice website to!

    the newman




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