XMAS MESSAGE (love you guys)

A film Buffs Xmas message of Love!

Christmas should be about giving or so I have been told. I am not going to debate religious discourse, but I will say that unlike some people I try to be giving, loving and peaceful all year around, not just once in a year. Perhaps I’ve created a new religion, we’ll call it "Christmasism", make sure you are nice to someone all year round, don’t just help at the soup kitchens once a year, help all year!!! (there’s an idea!!)

What do you do on a late night xmas shopping jaunt other than smile at the passing crowd in the bad weather who are Christmas shopping. If you get into Starbucks early enough, the best seat of the house gives you a clear raised view of the passers by oblivious to the Chai Tea latte you sup in the window. How warm you are in the comfort of the coffee house knowing you are above the trawl of the meanderers. Now that we have a coffee shop that opens until late on a Thursday, it’s a great time to espy the world, mock Indian infusion in your money dry hand.

Anyways……To me the sound of Christmas can be summed up the sound of creaking overdrafts and credit cards, the smell of burnt chestnuts (the joy of a market town) and the desire to be tolerant of ones family as they spit pieces of half chewed turkey across the table.

Well maybe that is a bit unfair, but I will say that it does give some time top pick up some bargains from the local DVD seller, who loves to shout 5 for 30 at the top of their corporate voices. The modern day equivalent of selling fruit from a market stall (oranges 10p each or ten for a quid!) the DVD leaves the shop and the package can be conveniently divided to provide 5 DVD presents instead of one.! What a gift and you can create you own theme pack for the lady you love, or keep your options open to the five you have on the go. I put together a pack myself which included; The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Bachelor Party, Big Trouble in little China, and Innerspace…

I wish you all the best and look out for the bargains that are out there….

Its all good…..

Anyways once more, if you do wish to make a difference this xmas, have a watch of this christmas doctror who special (do not watch if you have no seen all of season three yet), and donate to children in need please.



  1. Anonymous11:22

    Love the Doctor video. Although short, but excellent. And I just can't get enough of David Tennant!

  2. looking forward to the new series, thanks for reading

  3. Yes, love and kindness all year long! Wonderful post.

  4. Love the Doctor video. Although short, but excellent. And I just can't get enough of David Tennant!




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