RATATOUILLE (a review)

Let me start by saying this is one of the most visibly amazing CGI films to be released, with Photo real back grounds and character movements that make you forget the people on the screen are purely digital. When you add the excellent voice characterisation from the likes of Peter O’Toole and you have a film that will entertain and amaze in almost every aspect of its production. I was lucky that I got to watch the film with some youngsters whose whoops of joy added to the films success in my eyes.

The plot is an interesting one with enough subtext to keep the ardent reviewer engaged. Our hero is a country rat, who finds himself away from the clan, due to a botched food stealing mission to the house of a gun touting Grandma (one of the best scenes in the film).

Alone in Paris he comes into contact with a untalented kitchen hand, who he pares with, to help make the amazing food the rat has always dreamed of making. (Sounds strange but brilliantly conceived). The rat makes some of the greatest food ever, whilst the plot takes into account kitchen inspectors, an evil chef, (who knows more than he lets on), and a love story.

Torn between his family and his desire to cook the food he loves; our rat hero, manages to be more human than many of his screen counterparts.

The visuals are amazing, and I am so glad, because this has nothing to do with the quality of imagination but the way in which the visuals are used. The direction is flawless. The idea behind the colours that appear when you taste food, and in particular the superb conclusion scene, where the food critic tries the eponymous Ratatouille.
All in all this is a very entertaining film, and presents the summit for others to climb. It’s not quite as original as Shrek, not quite as action filled as The Invincibles and not quite as scary as Final Fantasy but it is truly a film first and foremost, and this is a first for a film made using computers.

Have a look for yourself with this trailer

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