RESIDENT EVIL EXTINCTION (please don't campaign to save.)

This is third in the series of films based in the popular resident evil Video Game franchise, and it does seem to appeal to it’s core audience. A trendy(ish) cast lead by a scantily clad Milla Jovovitch kill lots of un-dead, in a variety of interesting ways. The plot is the same as every Vampire, Werewolf, and Zombie flick it shamefully copies, with the same turns and plot holes that have long since appeared, and should have been steared around.

The action is mainly set in and around the Nevada desert and this reviewer will admit there is some wonderful cinematography work, which conjours the vibe of a Turkish Delight Advert meets Mad Max.

The CGI turn is heavy and obvious in it’s use but does fit into tone of the film, and the edition of Zombie Ravens, Zombie Dogs, and Zombie Shell Fish (The last is unfortunately the only creature not in the film.) makes a welcome but far to overused twist.

There are some good chase sequences, and due to the cast being used to bad material, the film will be worth buying on DVD, if the OCD collectors want to buy into the inevitable trilogy pack!

So if you feel the urge, tease yourself below.

This is where you can purchase the first two films in one great big pack available somewhere in the "featured on site" section for less than 20 notes....

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