SMOKIN ACES (A review - a bumb deal)

The film originates from the stable that brought us the excellent Narc, the well made Cop thriller now released on DVD. Joe Carnahan returns as writer and director in the Tarantino inspired disappointment. Smokin Aces is a referral to the nickname of the character responsible for the films plot. The slightly entertaining premise (and I mean slightly) is that every contract killer worth their salt is out to smoke Buddy 'Aces' (Jeremy Piven as the grass in question) thanks to a contract from an aging mafia family head.

The set is cheap- more suitable to a TV movie than a big buget Hollywood film. The actors seem to be lamenting at their lines, and only the charisma of Ray Liotta, Jeremy Piven, and Andy Garcia (who told him to use a Texan or Alabaman drawl?) gives those three some grace. The editing is designed to be stylish rather than help the stoy and even the blood and guts was better handled in a 1970’s shock flick.

This thriller or Black comedy attempt is a very strange result from a director who has previously proved his salt. One can only hopes the studio is to blame for this stream of consciousness. After all of this when the story comes to an end and we have a conclusion and then twist (don’t slip on the banana!) where there is an attempt to bring a moral conclusion to the affair. In order for this to work we would have to believe the scenario and indeed care what happens to the characters left standing after this schoolboy fueled blood fest.

An excellent premise and if my mind serves me quite original, but certainly not handled with the skill needed for modern audiences to appreciate.

Mafia card shark
All bad guys they want his heart
Please please take it now

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