MICHAEL DOUGLAS (dooo goood)

Point of interest

In the UK, Geri Halliwell has a history of cooing the message of peace to the world, ever since she became Ex-Spice. Her interesting life has moved through various stages, and even gave her some status with the UN as one of their messengers (if she still has it-someone prey tell!)

Nice sentiment, but Michael since 1998 has been a United Nations Messenger of Peace. Good work Mikey D especcially since you never really harked on about it. If it wasn’t for “the ghost and the darkness” and “Basic Instinct” we would buy him a beer.

Note that I am glad the Welsh do charity work as well. (ooooh gotta hurt - will remove if it chaifes)

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  1. OHMIGOSH! That's the cutest photo i've seen.
    ahhh.....that screams love to me.

    Alright - otherwise nice post.




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