HAPPY NEW YEAR (another set of lists)

Firstly let me start by wishing everyone a very happy new year and I hope with hand on heart that all goes as smoothly as possible for all of you. It’s a big year for me and all of those who know me will tell you why ! For now every Website in the world has done its top films of the year so I feel I have to offer my own humble opinion. I haven’t seen as many as I would have liked, but from the modest selection here is my thoughts.


Casino Royale was the reboot that was needed and thankfully delivered, and what else would a Fleming Nerd want in a film. The next is Little Miss Sunshine, the wonderful tale of an Iliad like journey to a beauty pageant across America. Munich starring Eric Bana demonstrates that he is a brilliant actor and should make more films. Children of Men starring Clive Owen shows the British A-Lister as good as he has ever been, or ever will be in this amazing film, in a disillusioned version of the UK‘s future. Finally we have “A Cock and Bull Story”, the filming of the so called un-filmable with the wonderful cast of British all-stars. Honourable mentions go to The Prestige, The Inside Man, The Queen.


Storm breaker showed so much promise and even encouraged one of my lesser successful predictions, self humbling aside, it unfortunately turned into a horrid adaptation with admittedly impressive stunts. V for Vendetta was based on a graphic novel par excellence and was very poorly managed with styleee over content. Ultraviolet started as a Channel 4 series and was turned into something that made the awful Underworld 2 look like high art. The Fast and the Furious 3 (Tokyo Drift) was so bad even Blockbuster Video started selling the DVD’s as soon as they were released (allegedly). A disappointment although still heads above many other films, was Superman Returns, which was not too bad, but frankly I expected super. Not even mentioning the Da Vinci Code, just won’t do it, awww dagnabit I mentioned it.


Spiderman 3 looks to be so amazing that it hurts. I have loved the first two films, and look forward to the next with the zeal of a garden lover at Gnome World. The 300 (as mentioned several times) has a trailer here and will make Gerald Butler more admired. Bruce is looking good at 52 years of age, and so Live Free or DIE HARD sets itself amongst the needed flicks of 2007, and The Simpson’s Movie is at last on it’s way. Finally the series that made Bond rethink itself concludes with The Bourne Ultimatum (The Third of Three ?)


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