FOXTRAP (a classic)


I had to mention this.

I was clearing out my Video collection ever so recently and came across this treasure. Foxtrap stars Blaxploitation cinemas’ Fred Williamson. The film is about a street talking' bad ass, who goes to Europe to find a missing person for a rich client. The script is meant to conjure ideas of European gravita, but even the glorious Cannes backdrop cannot save this abyssmal film.

The film is so bad, that you can see Mr Williamson grating his teeth as he delivers line after line after line of the worst dialogue ever!

So this is a bad film? Not at all.....If you sit down with some friends and a can of beer with 90 mins or so to kill, this turns into the funniest experience possible. Faint when you hear dialogue such as

"Your style may be ghetto, but your bank account is Beverly Hills".

I wonder if my video is worth anything, seeing as you can't buy it on Amazon anymore, someone make me an offer - or I'll gladly swap it - just email me!

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  1. Anonymous13:20

    Fred Williamson has done some great blaxploitation movies, but I think now he is in his own category. He's a director/producer/actor b movie triple threat. I've like a lot of his
    movies, but most of his work since the 80's is more like a Roger Corman quickie than an old school blaxploitation. I still watch 'em all, though!




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