SILLY SILLY NAMES ( Ivor Biggun ! )

So very stupid, so late at night, so in turmoil, so many stupid ideas! Well its one of those things, when all you do is work work work. Stupid name competition was run at work for potential film actors. We then digressed into the funniest name completion such as Ivor Bigan although the ideas seemed original ; perhaps Richard Digance would be proud.

Well what do we do but make a note of the results

Third place and a bottle of Sprite (3G) goes to Matt Pettican for the tale of a Plumber trying to forget the death of his teacher. “A Plumbers Mate!” starring Lee Keepipe

Second Place and winner of the Shawaddy Waddy greatest hits album is the amiable Andrew Simpson with the classic story of a hotel in Montpelier beseeched by the hounds of hell.
Hotel d’eath starring Baden Brakefast

First place is Adrian Evans' entry; documenting the adventures of an animal rescue group (winning a packet of Sweet Sweet Laramie) “Puppy Love aint Sweet ” starring wait for it............

Freada Beagles


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