THE 300 (so very cool.)

The 300 is an amazing graphic novel I have admired for some time. It’s writer Frank Miller has had work go to film before; Sin City‘s success allowing a version if his Spartan Epic. Here on the website I have featured a trailer for the film before but a second mention must go out to the production set for release next year. The final trailer has now arrived and be seen be clicking on the link below.

The film tells the relatively true story of the 300 Spartans who attempted to repel the wrath of Persian empire. The Spartans believed they were descended from Hercules and had the blood of the Gods in their veins. They knew they would die but fought on rather than face slavery. The film is set be a visual tour de force, utilising painstaking recreations of the source artwork, that Frank Miller created.

Like a psychotic bastard version of Lord of the Rings and Reservoir Dogs the film is my tip for film fans next year.


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