IRON MAN (chaplin goes nuts!)

It is with great happiness that I hear the makers of the newest superhero franchise (well in cinemas in 2008!) have chosen an actual "actor" to portray the alcoholic hero Tony Stark. (aka Ironman ) The character has always been a hard nut to crack, and they have hit the tone perfectly with an actor of Downey's gravitas. Shift the back story to the gulf war (instead of the nam) and you have a potential huge film on your books. It wouldn't surprise me if they got Downey for a profit share and no initial outlay either.

Let's hope it takes the route of Batman Beyond , and reflects the mood of the time with a gritty version. Tom Cruise had expressed an option on the character, but I can't help feel he would be better suited to something a little less fantastic at this stage of his career.


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