Just got back form the premier (all be it regional in Suffolk) of the new Bond Film Casino Royale. Now I have to say I have seen nothing like this in the Bond Cannon, and thankfully I am ecstatic the makers of the franchise I have decided to take a turn for the better, and cast Daniel Craig in the role of a raw around the edges James Bond.

The 21st instalment one of the world's longest-running movie series does away with everything that has happened before, and we hit the ground running with a tightly edited pre-credit sequence demonstrating Bond gaining the two kills he needs for his “double o” status. We move on to some back to basic stunt work, demonstrating Bond’s capacity for intelligence in the way he corners his prey. A few twists and turns lead us to the scenes conclusion where Bond really shows his new penchant for cold blooded violence.

The reviews on the internet are everywhere to be seen, so I wont bore you with the details that can be more intelligently observed by more qualified internet journalists.

To put it simply,

Craig is an excellent Bond, and simply and this is the bond film that should have always been made. The extended Broccoli clan have put the finger on the pulse and truly touched the moment by reinventing the franchise for the new more dangerous times we live in. it stands to reason that as the times are more dangerous, Bond should follow suit.

Don’t worry the quips are there,
The cars are there
The women are truly lovely, and the suits are as sharp as ever.

I could be picky, even Geoge Lazenby was not as loved up as this, and for ten minutes in the latter half of the film the dialogue hits greater levels than perhaps the entirety of Roger Moore's last four films,


This film needed to be made, and having recently bought the box set of all the remastered editions, this truly trumps anything that has come before it in terms of action, realism, character driven acting, and genuine drama. Forget whether this film is good compared to Bond films before it, this is good all over; plain and simple.


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