TRANSPORTER 2 - (donde esta my baggage geeza?)

I like Jason Statham as an actor (why i'm not oo sure....), even though the insanely made Revolver only entertained it's director. Now our man Statham has shown some promise, the original transporter was made on a shoe-string budget (by action genre standards) and still looked great. So what does the sequel hold in store for us.

I have to say that the second in the transporter series is absolutely poor, yet surprisingly enjoyable. Luc Besson returns to helm this hash of squealing tires, bone crunching fighting, and sub standard euro villain tomfoolery. This time the our hero is involved in a conspiracy that involves a kidnapped child, a US Senator, and a super virus. The film dissolves all the mystery of the driver’s background within one paragraph and we are left to rely on a hotpot of action clich├ęs and raised eyebrow acting. The action is good but then again it has to be these days don’t it?

There are some excellent set pieces that would have looked wonderful on paper but a dose of dodgy CGI and some inexplicable plotholes; annoyed me no matter HOW MUCH I TRIED TO IGNORE IT.

I think it is true that many viewers will be guaranteed an hour and a half of disposable cinema and will walk away refreshed, as it is a cool film. However in the cinema you want something more, and I would have happily waited until it's DVD release to watch the second installment in the series.

Very good at reclaiming luggage?

Always loses his you know.


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