SERENITY (Firefly...!)

The characters in Serenity first appeared in the cancelled TV show “Firefly”. A studio harassed by fans (and Buffy creator Joss Whedon), decided to resurrect the plotline in the form of “Serenity” an action science fiction adventure. This excellent production is (thankfully) the polar opposite of Star Trek, featuring a crew of smugglers fugitives and emotionally scarred people. This is The Dirty Dozen is space, and flies by with superb aplomb, the most enjoyable genre pick of the year so far.

The crew of the Serenity will take any job they can. The galactic war has left several backwater planets ready to be pillaged, and the Serenity crew are not afraid to be lawless to get from A to B. Fans will be pleased in the way the storyline of the show is carefully plastered in from the start, but Cinema goers will be happy to know that prior knowledge of the show is not required.

The film has a conspiracy plot involving a government trained teenager who escapes from a holding facility with the help of her brother, This film is therefore a success on two counts, an intelligent storyline with truly stunning special effects.

It is ironic that the characters here are more rounded and believable than some of the more serious dramas that we are experienced to in modern cinema. When you see this you have to concentrate and not be distracted by the special effects. There is a plot here, and it’s a good one to boot. I would suggest that all go to see this with great haste!

(editor addition - just been voted film 2005 's film of the year so congrats'!)


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