BROKEN FLOWERS (in need of Baby Bio)

Various reviewers from several hallowed magazines have commented on its thought and intelligence, and I would agree that the film should be praised, but this is because of Bill Murray who totally steals the limelight, in this slowly paced melodramatic comedy

Don Johnston is a character who has lived his life as a Don Juan, having no need to work due to an unexplained success in the computer industry. When he receives a letter stating he has a nineteen year old son, his neighbor presses him into a solo road trip to discover which of his ex lovers sent him the message. The director Jim Jarmusch proved his worth, with the excellent Ghost Dog way of the Samurai, and is still on watered down form. There are some laugh out loud moments, and some cringworthy situations that the audience will relate to; but it doesn’t quite hit.

In the same way that About Schmidt played on our preconceptions; Broken Flowers manages to emote genuine feeling. The film is excellently shot, but is edited at such slow pace that you find yourself urging the film forward prematurely. When the characters do interact the screen comes alive with a host of sterling performances, but is empty as the Loneliness that Don feels.

This is an attempt at experiential cinema that will miss with many audiences. We do experience Don’s sadness, and the machinations of his thoughts are well expressed by Murray’s flawless performance.

I am glad that studios do let these films slip into the cinema, but I have to say that in this case, the self referential, slow paced editing, leaves a lot to be desired, and detracts from a film that is excellent in every other way other than pace.


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