The TV series on which this was based, kept countless teens happy. Its tongue in cheek blend of car chases and nonsense plotting was fine Saturday night viewing. It was the flawed yet enjoyable TV schtick, where the adventurous southern moon shiners always got the better of their redneck sheriffs’ department.

The tried and tested format which worked so well within the confines of 45 minutes does not translate to the big screen with the same aplomb. The Dukes of Hazard spends too much time racing from A to B for the sake of it, much like the Dodge Charger that always was the real star of the show.

The stars of the piece are the infamous cousins Bo and Luke (Seann William Scott and Johnny Knoxville) who live in Georgia, running illegal booze for their Uncle Jessie (Willie Nelson) before retiring to the watering hole (which strangely seems to sell booze thus negating the whole moonshine plot) where the divine Daisy Duke (Jessica Simpson) tends bar.

It seems that the evil Boss Hogg (a skin stretched Burt Reynolds) is up to old tricks by buying/stealing all the farmland in Hazard County. We ask “can the boys save the day, their home, and win the county's impending road rally?” We then pause and ask……who cares.

This idea is very, very bad, like its cinematic neighbor “Bewitched” it completely misunderstands that stupidity is no longer cute. And nostalgia is not what it once was…..The film is monotonous; an overplayed concoction of car chases, bar fights and multi-vehicle pile-ups. The film even manages to drag the barrel with tasteless jokes at the expense of several ethnic groups - that left a sour taste in the mouth.


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