2006 ALREADY ? (PART 3)

It would seem this is the month to wonder at. Several films here will be extremely well marketed and sequentially bay for money in a crowded scheduled. We have a a mixed bag of sequels and the like, and its nice to see after a starved June, cinema replies with an excellent menu for July

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Firstly this looks to have the edition of Bill Nighy as the infamous locker owner Davy Jones. Although not a box office draw in itself, the stunt casting of Keith Richards at Sparrow senior will give the film an amusing twist. I loved the first film and this second in the trilogy (filmed concurrently with the third ) looks set to stampede.

Superman Returns

Christopher Reeve is a hard act to follow but I am sure Brian Singer of X-men fame will direct with the panache and respect this film needs. Unknown Brandon Routh is taking on the lead, and by all accounts does the S justice, if not we have Kevin Spacey adding some intellect as Lex Luthor. With Warner Brothers backing this you know it will have a push as strong as the Kryptonian himself. An existing fan base (myself included) longing to see the series continue where Superman 2 finished. If this goes well expect 2007/08 to feature the ultimate battle of

Superman vs. Batman.

Garfield 2

To answer – a Film Haiku

"Know why Garfield 2?

It is the Money Murray

Buy the DVD?"

Lady in the Water

The twistable M Night Shyamalan's attempt at telling the Mermaid story. This time a mermaid (Bryce Dallas Howard) is discovered by an apartment block caretaker (Paul Giamatti). Now that’s ok with me in Splash, but the man whose films are starting to turn very boring needs to pull this one out of the hat. I think it is one of the only adult offerings of note from the month, so it it is sure to get the cinema entrants it warrants, but I think it will disappear after a while. You don’t need a sixth sense to tell you this.


I like the idea, the powers that be at Fleming’s estates have said “niet” to adapting the young Bond books, so filmmakers have turned to his rival in spy, the young pretender (?) Alex Rider. This Harry Potter of espionage has a huge budget (for a film of its type) of 40 million quid, and a cast that plays on expectations of the genre. The recent casting of Ewan McGregor and Clive Owen (once Bond contenders) to play the hero’s uncle and MI6’s 006 make the film an interesting turn for adults and kids alike. And an annoyance to the Bond fans out there.

The Winner

Lots and lots of nice ones to watch, but who can compete with kid spy flick Stormbreaker. The franchise has sold millions in print, the latest was on a par with Harry Potter. It will beat all that come before it. A sure fire hit. Let’s hope 2006/2007’s Casino Royale can cope with the pressure.




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