2006 ALREADY ? (PART 2)


The beauty of studio owned plots and characters mean you can remake a film as many times as you like. This will be the fourth incarnation of the picture; this time Nicole Kidman takes on the aliens, in the cinematic response to Cruiso’s film “War of the Worlds”, but this has the classic 1956 B-movie “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” providing the plot.

Now we all know Nicole is a good actress, and one of the few who can draw box office, since the cinema departing of Julia Roberts. Can she compete this month? Don’t forget the blockbusters from May will still be showing, so it’s a tight schedule.


This is based on a classic children’s book from Christopher Paolini's “dungeons and dragons.” series. (I have not read it however so I can’t comment on plotting). This comes to the big screen with John Malkovich, Jeremy Irons and Sienna Guillory. With these classically trained actors in prime roles, I would think, that we have an enjoyable, if slightly camp production to look forward to. The question is will it get the push it needs; and more importantly will lit completely change tack from the lackluster Dungeons and Dragons, released some years ago.

Over The Hedge

Bruce Willis (a fawn in a ripped T-Shirt – suits you sir) - And Jim Carrey lead an A list voice cast for the makers of Shrek. Here we see forest creatures leave their home for the temptations of suburbia, in a plot that reverses Madagascar’s. The visuals will be superb; the film will have loads of postmodern adult friendly references, and the marketing machine will role onwards.

The Winner

None of these will be huge I am sure, but the greatest of the bunch commercially has to be Over the Hedge, family friendly fun that will create a host of merchandise tie-ins. Not the greatest June in years that’s for sure, but all three will be big on DVD towards Christmas.

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