2006 ALREADY ? (PART 1)

In an effort to make money and maximize investment return, producers spend millions on marketing, in an attempt to ruse us from our hard earned cash. (Well I have an unlimited pass so boll@cks to you) In fairness however, it sometimes works, by turning what should be cinematic refuse into a blockbuster; thus applying the “The Emmerich Factor”. The other side of the coin occurs when a wonderful film gets average audience reception as it has little promotional budget, or a limited cinematic release.

We have decided to add to this discussion based old fashioned factors such as marketing, money, and actors press agents. The following films all should have a UK release over May.

Mission Impossible III

A few muck arounds on cast and story (allegedly due to Cruiso’s desire to cast a starlet personally as well as professionally) meant an 18 month delay to the third in the super spy series. Ethan Hunt is back with support once more from Ving Rhames. This time Philip Seymour Hoffman and (yes!!!) Lawrence Fishburne ad to the cast.Not much other info available, but looks set to have blockbuster status, even if the originality will be less than zero. In the long term Cruise needs to aim for more films such as Collateral rather than action fests such as this. Let’s hope he continues to jump off sofas for the foreseeable future as this might influence the viewing public, and stop his safe choice of productions (think outside the box man…)


Wolfgang Petersen's has a relationship with water that runs through Das Boot to The Perfect storm, but this remake of the 1972 disaster pic has a lot to live up to. Gene Hackman and a whose who of the 70’s, made the original a class production, even in retrospect after repeat viewing. I would imagine this will get delayed as no one wants to compete with scientology Sid and his amazing entourage. Even Kurt Russell whose testosterone knows no bounds might not save this from flipping over and sequentially gurgling.

The Da Vinci Code

Lets just check...The Catholic Church hates it (sure fire box office draw), it stars Tom Hanks (sure fire box office draw), it’s based on one of the most popular books of the last 10 years (sure fire box office draw) its got a cerebral action stance and will be promoted as Indiana Jones v’s University Challenge (hmmm.)

Well you get the point…..


Brett Ratner takes control of the mutants' third cinematic outing. This time it has more to live up to, as the second of the trilogy was outstanding (I will admit this) due to some unusually fine storytelling in the action genre. This will be the final in the series of III as the production team look set to jump onto the spin off franchise of Wolverine (this is why he turned down Bond you know, that and Bond does not drink XXXX in a Winnebago).


Its a tight call between religious furvour and Wolverine, but the winner has to be the latest X-Men; this is allegedly the only one of the four biggest from the month where you can buy assorted merchandise with a burnt burger in an oversweet bun.



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