FANTASTIC 4 (justify the title please)

The plot is simple enough with the pre-fantastic four investigating a cosmic ray phenomenon, on the space station of “Victor Doom”; the college friend of our main hero. As one imagines in such a tale, all does not go well, with all five protagonists experiencing side effects that reflect their character (the aforementioned fantastic powers) resulting from a collision with the cosmic ray.

The rest is an excuse to get to the superhero effects and rid ourselves of the inane plot points that seem to matter less and less as we realize the film does not take itself or its viewer seriously. A weakly executed love triangle between a too young Iaon Gwyffed, an even younger Jessica Alba, and an admittedly well cast Julian McMahon; leaves the viewer ambiguous to the cinematic dalliance of the invisible woman.

The saving grace of this two hour procedure in lazy film making, is the near pitch perfect performance of the perfectly cast Michael Chiklis as the hulk like Thing, and the unfortunately named Chris Evans as the human torch. Under several foot of make up the forma conveys more emotion through actual acting than the others manage with all of their lackluster overacting. Evans is truly cocky and seems to be enjoying himself as the torch, playing the character in between rock star and old school hero.

The fantastic four is a just about entertaining film which unlike the realistic “superhero” films of late, has a leaning towards family fun that will entice the miscellaneous viewer, but anger the avid comic book fan, or indeed anyone who takes the art form of film seriously.

A film which epitomizes cinematic bubblegum, it will either hit, or miss completely, depending on what you expect from your viewing experience.

That will teach you to move your hand so fast.


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