Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

I do like pipe smokers with a crossbow..
I like Tim Burton very much, always have. (Despite his historic desire to keep employing the Depp in everything he makes). In the most past at least; he continues to be original and have a unique spin that other Directors have tried to capture but do not. 
All the bad-ass protagonists
It is hard to come across as charming and dark in equal measures; two film styles that are somewhat antagonistic. In someone else hands we are left with a movie too flippant for older teens or adults, and too well “scary” for younger audiences.  It’s hard to find an exact example - but the work on Phillip Pullmans “The Golden Compass” is closest with box office and weak advertising not capturing the intended vibe. Another example might be Mac and Me……..only joking in the last sentence. I was just dared to get a Mac and Me reference in this.

With Eva Green headlining (although all stars given an equal measure really) the interesting and well-made Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, this reviewer believes the film manages very successfully to tick the scary box and the light hearted box, with the caveat younger viewers will be uncomfortable by some scenes that are scary (and demanding psychologically) through CGI and wonderful subtle stop motion. (Well done Burton)

I hate reviews with spoilers, but if you can imagine the film (as others have picked up on) is similar in theory to the X-men, a disparate group of children, who come together in school for their own protection from an unstoppable and damaged villain.  

Jules has let himself go.........
The lovely part here is the powers here on display are truly unique and a hark back to the time these children come from. Airing on Circus carnival style imagery with wartime fright, this typical Burton uniqueness and use of the excellent source material, is left behind in films that target the key young adult market. I would recommend it whole heatedly and out of the movies I have seen that have been intended to set up a sequel or 3, this film is written in such a way that if it were to stand alone, I would be content that all the themes and ideas have been nicely wrapped up. I left the cinema in a good mood, happy that once in a while we can get something a little more unique. 
Love and Peace Newman


FILMS AND TV MEET - The future business model - TIME WILL TELL

I am not sure I can think of too many examples, well maybe I can think of a few that didn’t work too well such as Highlander where Movies span into TV series. The recent semi-success of the Marvel connected Universe (You F’d Up DC) means producers are starting to toy with the model more. 

More to come…. you just watch.

NOT Mel Gibson or Danny Glover
Not Mark Wahlberg but he made it

Not Chris Rock or funny, not Jackie Chan but tough

I am not talking about the new versions we are inundated with. Lethal Weapon and the Shooter for examples (got to love Bobby Le Swagger) but versions where the movie world is continued by the same continuity and acting base as TV series running alongside or after.

Shortly in cosmic terms the “Dark Tower” movie will happen with a companion TV show hitting us at around the same time. This might be an interesting new model outside the superhero genre.

I would love (maybe…….) a Bond film to hit the cinema with a companion series on BBC 1 showing the machinations behind the scenes of some characters…. Could work right. Popular character then becomes a show for the next film ….

Nothing to do with it, but a relevant image

In this current Steven King adaptation, the home release of the film will coincide with the TV show. 

As always Love and Peace



#howidlandinwitnessprotection - #hastaggames - Most fun in a while

Image result for twitter funny

Once more a little note on a hashtag game this time called #howidlandinwitnessprotection that I have enjoyed! good fun by all, tried to keep mine to movie references, but overall getting caught up in it! 

Love and Peace


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Hello all,

Image result for twitter funny

I do like the movie games on twitter, they cn be most entertaining, here is a snap of some of the good ones in the game #filmsforbikers .

Good fun to be had by all, cheers

Love and Peace



#ADDACARETOAFILMTITLE - Always fun twitter games !

Always fun to shed the fun with a snapshot of some tweeters


Here are some to look at and spread the joy.

Don't forget if you feel the urge you can take part on Twitter



THE JOKER DON'T LIKE SCANDINAVIA - Jared Leto's method acting - Batman in Film

Lets film the Justice League

So it seems that Jared Leto is not going ot reprise his roll as the Joker in the Justice league even though it would really make sense for him to appear with Lex Luther; comic book fans dream of both sides of the sh*t crazy coin cutting screen time together. 

The production in the trades has been reported to be going to Scandinavia to film as planned but as yet he hasn’t appeared in the vicinity or for that matter in any other bits of filming. 
Could it be that his antics on the set of being truly bat sh*it crazy method might have made his co-stars a bit uneasy. 
Image result for joker lex luthor
wouldn't that be nice
What do you think?

Image result for jared leto mental
Jared you can take off the make up

Personally I think it would have been nice to have him here, but then again we are real people and the film characters are just an illusion right (remember its only acting) 

Love and Peace 



JAMES BOND MEETS MARVEL ? - Stan Lee gets his own 70 action show

14th September Update
Read it differently FOX Movie not TV show......even better? could be. 



In the ultimate case of “meta” Stan Lee is going to have a TV show based on his fictional life.  Thats correct a film about the adventures of Stan Lee. Well it worked for Ian Fleming a couple of times, with semi dramatized versions of his younger days. 

ice cube be confused....

It’s a 1970’s set action program from those at Fox. An as yet unknown unknown actor will play Stan Lee in the 70s as a Bond like character said to be inspired by the “Kingsman” film.

Well this is surreal but I like the idea and I wonder who will get the gig? 

Stan was going for the erm.....whatever look
It would be extremely mind boggling if the film is set in the fictional Marvel universe , be interesting to see what they do. 

Well they always get this one made....

Love and Peace  


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What I don’t like about the DC shenanigans is the TV shows are more enjoyable than the films, sorry but it’s true, and it should give a clue to the hedging your bets vibe when you look athe fact that Superman is now heading to TV played by a different actor than next bond Henry Cavill. 

Discovers he has a TV rival Kalel
I would have happily seen the TV lot get a big screen chance and they would have smashed it however we all know that Warner Bros’ wouldn’t like this model, although I still don’t know why. 
However, Marvel thankfully have so far taken a more rounded approach with no real crossovers (except agents of shield) but have clearly pushed the films and TV in the same place or universe. This being said news outlets today are saying that there is still a chance we might see the TV lot join the big screen crew in the future. 

Such a shame.....
Not everybody is content with letting a truly shared universe die: the Russo brothers, Infinity War’s directorial team, rstated that everyone on the roster is being offered no money considered.

The Russo brothers who are directing the Avengers sequels haven’t ruled out a visit from the Netflix lot to the cinema, and personally I would love to see Black Widow have a punch up with Daredevil, and Luke Cage throw down with the Hulk…. who wouldn’t right?

happened already!

Who would have the best punch up, please feel free to comment.

Always, Love and Peace


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TIM DRAKE FROM THE ASHES OF BIG HERO 6 MIGHT RISE - Looks Good Super ninja ; leverage the Disney instead?

A few days ago an actor who may some may or may not know posted a great concept martial arts type video as a pitch to Affleck for the character of Robin; specifically, the Tim Drake version. 

Big Hero 6 actor Ryan Harry Potter wants to get noticed and who can blame him. Great choreography for a concept video. Shows of the same style fighting that would work in the DC but most importantly a shout to casting directors.
The Tim Drake Robin is might moody

Irrelevant on the debate of casting different ethnicity in the comic movie world, and comments aimed to highlight the DC vs Marvel debate, I would suggest taking minute to look at the scene he put together.

Stunt doubles are required in real studio insurance type terms but this guy does very well with his own scenes.

Let me know what you think



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Morning all, hope we are all very well, 

Overnight I get the news that arrives in the inbox when others may already have it, but you know that’s time zone twisting for you. 

Regardless here is a lovely look at the Maze Runner recovered actor in a still/promo shot from the new flick American Assassin which is currently filming. Dylan O'Brien plays the lead, and glad he is doing well.

From this

Moody and trapped in a maze

to this 

Seeking revenge for being in a maze

On a serious note, we hope he is doing well, and look forward to this franchise starter potentially, although they are all are these days right?


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NICE HASTAG TREND #FilmsGettingDressed

Isn't it nice when a hashtag trend hits.

In honour of some of the good ones feel free to read these!

All the best


WELLS FARGO - How the plot changes through the years......From OYSTERS to SANDBAGGING

It seems though in England we ar enot close to the company the plot of recent payouts is far from the film of the same name which won an oscar for best sound in the 1930's.

Well what do I know.....

Apparently the lady in charge whilst in the middle of a financial scandal that netted the company over $150 million dollars in fines! Thats right Carrie Tolstedt will recieve over $120 million dollars when she finished working there!

Times they have a changed, all from the humble routes of Oyster deliveries and love lost and re-found.....Wells Fargo indeed..



Just read that Benicio Del Toro is in the mind for a predator reboot. 

Del Toro Audition Face
Now this might be very interesting but not sure Del Toro could carry of the Predator costume well. Sorry only joking, 

The guy has the charisma to play a lead and has only really got the go ahead once with The Wolfman which kind of tanked (or wasn’t reviewed that well) 

Regardless I would look forward to this, think he might do a good job.

Shane Black bit part covering script edits

Even better news is that Shane Black is set to direct, so one hopes it hits the traditional spot, mind you I liked the Predators soft reboot with Adrian Brody. 

Love and Peace 


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#COMEDYINF5WORDS - some interesting trailers

Inspired by the hashtag #comedyin5words

I thought this might be of interest 5 word summary- trailer after.

Foxtrap, even funnier in french

Showgirls, strippers who are awful

Ishtar - Songwriters who try adventure

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DAVID CAMERON TO RESIGN - relaxation and earning 5% in the Bahamas

With the news that David Cameron Po is going to quit as the conservative MP for Whitney, we must wander what the lovely man will do next. A seasoned PR professional he is sure to have something up his sleeve that will benefit a heady mix of ex parliamentary top dog, with a nice income from the dinner party circuit.

David Cameron Po

My favorite comment is from seasoned politician and sarcastic supremo Ken Clarke, who stated to the trusty BBC.

“I'm a friend of David's, so I regret to say, I think for history his legacy will be he's the man who accidentally caused Britain to leave the European Union.

Ken "The Ledge" Clarke

Newman then replied by saying 

“I might suggest Pig farming or Beach holiday reviewer a two professions he might have some experience in” 

We await the latest career path news with bated breath……

Love and Peace 

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