Monday, July 28


Writing for my daughter has proved to be the most cathartic of experiences. I never guessed the five year old mind could be inquisitive and dare I say clever and intuitive at discussing plot holes and character points.  

If you tell a five year old a fact, she/he/they will remember it without writing it down collating it or even repeating it. When writing you can’t lie to your kids for the point of view of plot, and I have learnt recently not to underestimate this universal fact.  

The characters and story you create for the young mind are as a real in the ten minutes before bedtime, as anything else that happened at school or during the summer holidays.

What started as a desire to tell a lovely story to my daughter for her bedtime, has mutated beautifully into a world of mythos and magic which has been created for her pleasure. I have managed to throw some good moral lessons into the stories I tell, and join these chapters that unfold via tenuous links that span space and time (this makes sense if you listen to them). 

What does this achieve you may ask, well to be honest im not sure yet, but I have not had more fun putting pen to paper (or rather finger to keyboard) than I have in the last ten years.  

When the book is done; I’m not sure 
When the books are done I’m not sure
When the book/s are done I’ll tell you, and I’ll ask you to buy it. 

For now the “Black Cat Chronicles” are in their first draft but in years to come, I can be nostaligic; by saying at least, even if the book is not well received, it was proof read/tested and worked its magic on my little one, and for that alone I’m happy. 

All the best


Friday, February 28


Just a lovely big thank you to all the support, it’s been a while since posting, however should change now I am cured (of the busy-ness that afflicts us from time to time) 

Have now a deviant art account which means my visual meanderings can be now looked at along with the images on the blog..

Love you all.


Friday, November 8


Bit rough round the edges but I think it fits. 
Contains Mild spoilers as well perhaps, and thanks to other theories that had bits that fitted very well. thoughts.

The whole of the Mentalist saga can pretty much be summed up with the concept of duality. 

The Visualize cult is a powerful organisation that has infiltrated everywhere. (promotes religion but is about the money – )

The law enforcement community; frustrated by criminals escaping prosecution through lack of technical evidence created their own unofficial force called the Tiger Tiger Club. This allows criminals to be brought to justice without trial by jury. (thus commenting on the symmetry of behaviour – in and out of law to get the same result) What started out as a way for justice may have mutated into a “monster” fuelled by greed, and its own motives (much like Visualize?)

Both Visualise and Tiger Tiger have been been forced into an uneasy alliance since the events at the barn all those years ago and the continued killings by Red John. Both have infiltrated each others agencies to add to the stalemate that exists (i.e. Ray Hafner – and other suspects) - 

Red John was “born” from a then Visualize member who killed in the barn; and has done so to prove a point ever since, empowering himself in his own mind. 

Red John is unique as he has the key to the secrets of Visualize and Tiger Tiger, he is a member/has been a member of both, and cannot be easily eliminated as both organisations would risk all their secrets coming into the open. Lower level do not even realize who he is on a day to day level. 

Visualise are aware of his previous original identity, but do not know his new name or what he looks like. Tiger Tiger are aware that he is a member of the their own private law enforcement community but are unaware of what he looks like or his name. 


Patrick Jane is a necessary evil in this, affected by the killer himself he is being used by both Visualise and Tiger Tiger,  to find Red John and eliminate him, however his methods risk revealing the same secrets that Red John could reveal, and this is the irony. 

This is what forces all involved to be very weary of the man that is helping them as he has no connection to either organisation. Initially Jane was a suspect in his families murder and targeted by Tiger Tiger, however now he is being used by them at some risk. 

Bertram is certainly creepy and head of Tiger Tiger and Bret Stiles is in charge of Visualize. Both cannot stand each other but are trapped in the stale mate, that can be only be solved when Red John is gone.

The real Red John

Indoctrinated into the cult at a relatively young age, was uncontrollable and became a murderer. The reason he has been allowed to last for so long is Visualize hiding his initial murders as their cult was growing.

Visualize gave him a new identity and face which meant that he could disappear and start afresh. He then entered policing as a career and eventually became a Tiger Tiger member. Just guaranteeing a level of movement without any knowing he is Red John. 

Who is he?

Brett Partridge. 

But he is dead you say?

Well I don’t believe he is, having made a perfect crime scene due to his training and due to assistance from the Tiger Tiger organisation he managed to escape. His official reason for doing this he is concerned Jane or Red John is closing in on Tiger Tiger, after the events of the last series and first episode of this series. (up until he fakes his death)

He was perhaps the mysterious twin that is mentioned, but of course he now has a different face so his old self would have been forgotten. His father and of course therefore Kirkland's father could be Bret Stiles, and that would add another layer to it. Particularity if Mr Stiles is ill due to a disease that needs Bone Marrow or some such. Liver Transplant etc., due to the aforementioned alcoholism that allegedly killed Kirkland's father. 

So it is Partridge (Michael Kirkland) and all those involved on the list have somehow played a part in elongating Red john's work.  

Hope you like it, sorry if it didn't make sense!!!
Please comment of course as well! 

love ya


Tuesday, October 1


Dearest wonderful fans, or is that Wonder-woman fans?

How would the film work, we simply couldn't work it out, blah blah. That is what Hollywood has  been saying for several years now. Well how about this fan film. It obviously does the justice (league) to the character and we hope that it becomes inspiration for a big screen version; 

I agree the fight could be a little more Amazonian, but we get the drift, and I think that Goyer/Snyder/Warner Bros. (or whoever deals with it these days) should take heed. 

Please comment as always! Here or on twitter! 



Wednesday, September 25


Well well well,

It was only the other day that we mentioned remakes etc etc.

Regardless this is not a remake but a re-imagining I guess;  will it be connected to the movie(s)/  Well lets see how agent's of shield does this season for Marvel, before DC gives the major go ahead. Also more importantly Batman V Superman does shortly after.


All could change but it suits the nerd friendly for this series to be made. To be honest I am  looking forward to it.

Bruno Heller is producing so we can expect story arc and procedural ala Mentalist all together with a sly pop culture and ccreative flair.
Perhaps if the final season of the Mentalist is this one, we might see Mr S Barker involved. He is after all a TV stalwart. Fan casting aside, will be interesting to hear your thoughts.

Ciao babies.


Tuesday, September 17


Well it seems that spin off s are en-vogue once more. With several TV series being green lit based on film releases as well as current plans for extended universes within TV shows already happening. 

Now the cynical amongst us think that the need for commercial return based on an existing fan-base drenched with merchandise, has lead to these current plans. Whatever the reason - this is the artistic place where we currently live;  should we blame or thank the Avengers. Time will tell I'm sure. 

The idea to “spin off” is an old one; highlighted with a screen grab from Wiki (note this is just half of the P section. This list is immense.


So this season, next season and the season after we will have 

A Harry Potter film(s) spin off
An Avengers (assemble)  TV series spin off

A Vampire Diaries spin off
A Once Upon a Time spin off
A Breaking Bad spin off

A Walking Dead Spin off
(Still think they should call it walking dead -  LA, and cast a rapper turned actor and that dude out of the dumb and dumber sequel)

As well as a Flash spin off next season (from Arrow) 

I was wondering surely we could make some Spin offs that might be original, here are some thoughts, please add your own. Some of these have more of a truth than an idea, comments as always are very welcome. These two went to a level of development, please add yours in the comments if poss! 

Spooks: Cold War
Spun From
Spooks (BBC) - (series was on as MI6 in the USA)
Originally this was pitched by a group of writers on twitter (can neither confirm or deny I was involved) several emails exchanged to interested production houses-as well as a real-world pitch meeting suggested. Was fun but nothing came from it, the beauty of the BBC thought tank, maybe one day in the future.
Set during the end (or was it?) of the cold war centering on a young Harry Pierce- new to spying. Covers adventures through the fall of the Berlin wall, and the eastern Europe changes that followed.

Spun From
The Ipcress file, and other works owned by Len Deighton Estate.
Always wanted to make a TV show about spies (see above!) and the idea went to third draft of writing. (one day I might put it on the website).
Got great feedback on the idea and the script, but a lesson is that copy write holders should always be on the same page (or indeed know you are doing it)
This would have been Harry Palmer – something like a re-imagining of the Callen TV series, artwork even got mocked up very badly at one point.

Let me know!

As always love and peace.



It has been a month since the announcement of Ben Affleck as the next actor to portray Batman. Initially I went “whaaaat?” however I have trust that Affleck has the acting chops and backbone to convey a post Bale dark knight.  

Internet reactions to Affleck looked like this (we think)

Will the character be a new variant or a recast with the same continuity. I would love to say the latter to build on the world so well created by Chris Nolan, but I imagine it will be a new imagining; and at least we may have a certain ex-Bond actor playing Alfred Pennyworth. So perhaps this will be the second Gotham reboot in the last ten years. 

Lets give a Affleck a chance after all. Cavill was great as Superman, and he should play well with Daredevil. 


On the site before we have featured creative versions that fans have filmed of their favorite comic books hero.  (Grayson for example)

On the topic of Superheroes, it would be particularity remiss of me to not feature this video below. It really is a top notch Wolverine fan film, that manages with relatively zero budget to be a little above average, and dare I say much better than the first Origin movie.  Keep your eye on these dudes, very nice work guys. It has a very clever feel, and manages to not lose the comic vibe.

Friday, August 2


In an ode of love to the next doctor being announced on a live show this weekend, I thought I would plump up some old fiction I wrote about two tears ago. Was for a interesting project that wasn't used in the end, but as I got paid, I had to wait a while to show it. Lovely contract with 24 months grace period! 

Any WHO.

Now seems the best time to show to the world. 

The 50th Anniversary Intro Scene Pitch 

Black Screen, 
Tardis Sound fades out......

We here four Heart Beats unveiling a 


“1000 Years Ago”

Fades to Black....The Black of Space

Four heartbeats in a Timelord Pattern.  
On each beat an image flickers on the screen of a planet unrecognizable, and disappears, as if being watched through an untuned television.....until eventually nothing

We see a pinprick of light in the center; we move towards it, the pinprick getting larger and larger with just the heart beats continuing. 

The pinprick becomes more encompassing and we see it is a bright light – fills the screen then we enter it/fall into it....

....The Vortex.

We are flying through the vortex  
Two seconds more, then a voice filled with bass and calm

“....His crime has been lost in time, whatever it even was. Yet no one believed he could escape them....perhaps that is why he himself chose to run....”

The Vortex comes to a split and we shoot to the left.  

“He was more than they had counted on....and for his part, more important than the rest of them combined......” 

The heart beat starts louder.....just the voice....and we exit the vortex to see Galiifrey
(Angrier) “Last Son of Gallifrey........”

We zoom into a red planet surrounded by sparks and plasma bursting in and out of life. Moving at a steady pace inwards we zoom low over vast fields of purple and yellow grassland to see hills in the distance covered in ice.

We continue the tracking shot inwards; towards a building, in the middle of a cityscape, vehicles moving in and out of the “port”.

We stop.....

The vehicles shimmer in and out of existence in front of us in front of this galactic port.
The ones that appear are in a huge selection of shapes and sizes – Horse Drawn carriage, Model T Ford, Sumerian Battle Cruiser, 1950’s Roswell craft. A huge cruiser appears above the others and shrinks to a third of its size. 
One appears as a waterfall and crashes onto the ground. The Water reforms into a Silver Orb
We turn and zoom away from the port towards another dirty white building in the same Gallifreyan style but it has the mark of Omega on its wall.
We slow down and move to window on the top floor, and we pause outside and move through the glass.....We realize the heart beat is coming from that room.
We cut...the man’s closed fills the screen...the heart beat louder.  
The heartbeat sounds stop and he opens his eye..... The image of Gallifrey flashes across the screen the same size and shape as his iris.
We cut....
Just to The man’s mouth, noble, high blood, he smiles
We pan out.....
A man who aged around 45 years old, sat in a comfy chair but deep in thought. He looks directly at the camera, and we see him;

The Doctor

He has slicked back, shoulder length, black hair which is heavily graying at the temples; he is sitting cross legged on the chair and is wearing a Black dress suit, with a knee length jacket.

He is the Doctor we know (as a viewer) from 50 years ago, but he is younger – he opens his palm and we realize it is not us he is looking at.

Camera shot changes to side to reveal room to reveal the room, a study with walls full of charts, and a model of Da Vinci’s Helicopter hangs from the ceiling.

A picture of the Angels is scrawled on the wall, a child moves inside the mirror on the side of the cabinet, all almost unseen.

We see the doctor holding his hand out and in front of it is a Time lord Cube.....We hear voices.............
Voices that we recognize........

The cube speaks


A beat


He stands calmly and straightens his outfit.....
Camera Changes to show him standing in front of his study wall.
A crescendo of voices from the Cube –


He looks shocked.......but then smiles.



Comments that arent too harsh might be published!!!!! Before its picked apart remember it was written a while ago. 

Thursday, July 18


Hi all

just an amusing post reference the new who candidates.
Which one will it be then?

all the best

Monday, December 31


Dear All, 

thanks for supporting the website and making this year most fun, several other hundred sites are giving their lists of what to look forward to in the new year. So I wont be doing the same. I have taken most of December of and am looking forward to Eastern Europe and China in the new year.

Kindest lovelies,  please stay in touch and make sure the comments keep coming! 



Saturday, October 27

SKYFALL REVIEW- James Bond - Excellent Movie

Skyfall  - - -Directed by Sam Mendes


Daniel Craig .. James Bond
Judi Dench .. M
Javier Bardem .. Silva
Ralph Fiennes .. Gareth Mallory
Naomie Harris .. Eve
Bérénice Marlohe .. Sévérine
Albert Finney .. Kincade
Ben Whishaw ... Q

There is always a special feeling in the cinema when the movie trailers finish and the film starts. It is the moment which makes the cinema experience always more superior than the Blue Ray one, even on a big home screen with a Dolby Home audio array. Cinema is just more heightened, and makes a film harder to review. Separate the experience from the facts.

The emotion you get when a Blockbuster arrives are even more integral to the enjoyment if the film in question has a great legacy; Indiana Jones/Star Wars/Terminator; and never greater than demonstrated here, on the occasion as the 23rd installment of the Bond canon “SKYFALL”.

  • It is a strange situation to be in with a Bond film where the plot is important. 
  • It is a good situation when the plot is important.
  • All films in the Bond series, will be graded by this film (most probably)

I would say that of all of  the Daniel Craig era, never has plot been so important as in Skyfall. So this film review will not contain the dreaded “spoilers” - don’t worry read on not at your peril.

So without talking plot-
Lets hit some highlights before the conclusions.

We have a Bond who is definitely suffering from the previous two films, and the tole taken, is clear to see.  The reboot button that was pressed in Casino Royale, is still moving, and although the film stands alone as promised, there is a subtle but obvious continuity from the two previous outings, that help set up a lovely legacy for film fans to follow.  

It is hard to know how long this Daniel Craig's incarnation has been helping his government from his “double o” status first being granted in Casino Royale, but here we see an experienced Bond.

Daniel Craig has not been better than this,  certainly cinematicly, and who would have thought it in a Bond film! His performance as Bond is the most Fleming like I have seen and the Mendes direction allows that to work in a modern setting. The action looks real and dangerous, and the usual Bond trope scenes are played with actual meaning. Think Dalton but better (and I am a fan of Dalton to).

We have a villain who is intimidating and relentless, but again paved with the realism (really is) in both the motive and skill, that a modern audience require. His portrayal is strong enough to be award nominated, and is very clever in conception; being gritty and intimidating. Imagine the Joker from Nolan's batman, and the image is clearer than Dr No or Goldfinger. 

Dame Judi Dench is fantastic and probably the best Bond girl ever! The major reciprocation of decisions made by the head of MI6 are analysed on all levels, and Dame Judi was obviously enthralled at her slightly expanded role, nearly stealing all of her scenes.

The reintroduction of classic elements, such as “Q” the “Aston” and a “Gadget” are all very good, and the first sign perhaps that the films will become more traditional moving forward. However the Broccoli’s understand about evolution of cinema, and I cannot help think that this approach will help them carry on the series for another 50 years. 

Like I said no plot points, go and see the film cold, then let me know if you agree. I don't need to say anything else, action, plot, twists, thrills and surprises, from a 50 year old franchise. Perfect for fans of cinema, not just Bond. 

rating      5/5 


Monday, September 24


Evening all, what a lovely day it has been as England starts (it seems) 6 months of winter period that many blame on global warming. However nostalgia from childhood, seems to make me think it has always been like this. 
Regardless nice to speak to those that have been calling and will get on the case shortly with latest scripts people.

Back to everyday life, 

I was very interested to hear rumours that Mr B Cumberbatch would be/could be (should be?) playing the Bond villain in 2014's follow up to Skyfall. (Craig's third Bond outing). Nice touch one feels to continue the trend of having an actual actor play the villainous foil to MI6's loyal man. Would be eager to have this happen, certainly ticks the boxes.


Next bit of random news was that UK new outlets have been reporting that Colin Firth has signed to star in a sequel to “The King's Speech”. Interesting if it is done right, and I hope it will live up to the skill of the original. Set in the Blitz apparently, might make for more Oscar fodder shenanigans. 

Colin firth picture showing him rapping(?)

An interesting picture surfaced that made many very happy to be looking forward to the new Wolverine movie. Definitely not photo-shopped Hugh Jackman appearing as the titular character; filming now etc.

Thats all for today folks, 
as always love and peace, and stay in touch, comments welcome


Sunday, September 9


Friend asked me to do a little summary of commonalities so far when it comes to doctor who latest series? What do we think one and all?

just some things to think about.

  • 2 Mentions of Christmas, 
  • 2 Mention of Eggs, 
  • 2 Mention of Classical Music and (a third with Dizzy hinting at the doctor's interaction)
  • Mention of 6 hours? (5 episodes + xmas?) 
  • Doctor no longer valued?

Are they too random? Too early to tell one thinks, but we must keep on trucking I feel.

Brian in the Tardis was cool,
Did the doctor doodle Nefertiti?
Who knows?

Cheers back soon with more filmic vision!
Also thought it was very good to see Rupert Graves - top boy!
Love and peace

Wednesday, August 1


Well it seems that the third in the series of rejuvenated Bond time line films, will be the most traditional so far but also continuing its interesting perspective on Bond's character development.  Love the idea of the trailer carrying action and gravitas in spades.  We have a Q as well as a “resurrected” Bond, (nice ref to You only twice perhaps....) 

Certainly an interesting villain, with a flick of Walken and Zorin too boot. (fans will get the drift) and a bevy of Bond girls this time. 

I like the new continuity, having been blessed with premières of both Casino and Quantum, and hoping to hit London on the third one; perhaps I am a tad biased but from this longest and most interesting trailer this films seems to hit the mark in a way that the latest Jack Reacher trailer didn't for example. 

The question remains is the call of Nolan with Bale too hard to resist for the Broccoli/ Wilsons?

Craig certainly works his ass of and is a hard act to follow, and I for one hope the franchise continues in this funky fashion. Love Craig, always did (well maybe not for the first three months-but i'm old fashioned and make mistakes) 

As always love and peace and comment as you can! 

Sunday, July 15


Here at Newmanfilms we like art inspired by film nearly as much as we like actual movies. So when someone combines the two it is definitely worth giving them a bit of a promotion/shout out to show them to the world.

Loren Kantor combines a love of films and carving to create some wonderful artwork that would fit well and be appreciated both sides of the Atlantic. I would encourage support,  for this individual who uses the world of movies as an inspiration for his art.

I asked Loren to give us and our readers a history,  and as you can see from the writing below, Loren has been schooled in some of the classics and film makers through the history of cinema. 

“I grew up in Los Angeles.  

For my 10th birthday, my father took me to a local silent film theatre to see some Charlie Chaplin shorts. They were hilarious and I was hooked. During high school I discovered Buster Keaton and later Harold Lloyd. In college, I took a genre film class and immersed myself in “Film Noir”, gangster films and old westerns. I became obsessed with the films of Billy Wilder, John Huston & Michael Curtiz. 

During the same period I went to a German Expressionist art show at LA County Museum.  I encountered the work of George Grosz, Kathe Kollwitz and Karl Schmidt-Rottluff. I loved the stark lines and bold imagery. I was writing screenplays in those days and I never envisioned attempting woodcuts myself” 

Loren shows that it isn’t just the end result of the film medium he appreciates but has managed to work in the industry as well. 

"I became an Assistant Director and worked on films, commercials and tv shows through the 80's & 90's. In the early 90's, I moved from Los Angeles to San Francisco where I became a freelance writer and video-maker. I lived near the Mission District which housed small art galleries on every block. I came across a new generation of woodcut & lino cut artists, most of whom were Latino. Again, I was enthralled.

I moved back to LA, met my future-wife and got married. Several years ago, my wife surprised me with a woodcutting set for my birthday. I checked out a few online tutorial videos and dove in, head first. The carving process was difficult at first. I cut myself often, the blocks were ragtag and I felt like a kindergärtner with his first set of finger paints. But before long I got the hang of it.

The idea to carve images from Classic Movies came about because we needed art for our walls at home. I realized the stark imagery of black & white films was a perfect match for the carved lines of a woodcut.  I began with my favourite silent comedy stars (Chaplin, Lloyd, Keaton) and moved to film noir (Bogart, Bacall, Edward G. Robinson).

I'm currently planning a series of femme fatales (Barbara Stanwyck, Veronica Lake, Gene Tierney) as well as western heroes (John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Jimmy Stewart). I love the synthesis of carving the blocks and writing about the personalities involved.  The process feeds both halves of my creative life."

Well we at Newmanfilms think that the work is great and suggest you check out the Blog here which shows it off and allows you to make a purchase or two. Hopefully we will stay in touch with Loren and we will see works getting more and more in demand, and great successes ahead.  


If you are a science fiction of comic book fan, with the arrival of a certain show in the states, the internet will be inundated with news and views regarding the films that will be hitting the flicks in the next few years. So you really do have your pick of news sources and outlets to read thoughts on castings, ideas, and blockbusters.

Thought I would stick to the information that interests me the most, and hope you all enjoy! 

The big announcements were rumoured previously but Marvel officially stated their upcoming slate, by adding some extra info on sequels and new characters to screen.
We can expect (in a slightly unsure order)
  • Ant Man
  • Captain America : The Winter Soldier  (A MOODY TITLE HA?)
  • Thor : The Dark World  (MOODY TITLE 2 ?)
  • Guardians of the Universe. (LIKE THE AVENGERS YET MUCH MORE SURREAL)

Bizarrely I'm looking forward to Antman the most. If it hits the right tone, we could be in for a treat, with one of the surrealist Superhero's coming to screen. 

Wolverine 2 
This could be interesting with Jessica Biel being added as the character “Viper” - my memory and exuberant recollections tell me she is a once comrade,  or training partner of wolverine, who eventually turns bad (don’t quote me) - - The pic below is one of her newer incarnations, and might stand as the inspiration for Biel etc.

The Fantastic Four are being rebooted as we speak with newish director Josh Tank coming on board after his sleeper(ish) hit “Chronicle” has gained him international recognition. For those unsure this reboot will demonstrate this team to their best;  have a look here at his work on the aforementioned superhero twist he put together. 

And some other bits ?

Well I was shocked and kind of happy that Godzilla is being hatched as it were once more. (Without a Broderick in sight one hopes). A teaser poster has popped up, that gives nothing away, but leaves me with hopes the film will be big brash silly and wonderful (dare I hope for a Godzooki appearance?) 

Spiderman will not feature in Avengers 2
Ben Kingsley will play the Mandarin
Antman has Edgar Wright directing (yay) and test fottage wowed (hmmmmm who wil be the hero. Bet a certain Spaced dude hope Hollywood calls – Nathan Fillion however one wishes.)

Ciao for now and speak soon


Monday, July 9


Well hello one and all, what a great day for reminiscing, wondering what the world did for Jack Reacher to appear as Tom Cruise, and all the other things that cross my head in a random fashion.
Cruise can do action, but a 6ft 5 250 LLB military policeman -ermmmm - ? 

Regardless, the film will be interesting, and ill give it a go. The newly single cruise needs the support bless his cottons. 

Well from that to this? 

On a more sombre note, the Great MR Ernest Borgnine passed away at 95 years old a few days ago. A great actor who was more than memorable in a host of movies, and even managed ot make Airwolf on TV seem better than it should have. 

Best remembered for his Oscar win for Marty as below. An old school add but cetainly worht a glimpse into cinema of the time, and a real charismatic performance. 

The latest bit of interesting casting news is that the Irish alleged Lothario and young Magneto Michael Fassbender, has agreed to produce and star in the film version of Assassin’s creed. (They want a film series)

Well how lovely,  guess this means Daniel Craig is doing one more Bond or  maybe Bale is Going to jump in now Batman has done. (unless they decide to Justice League it......)
Who knows.......

This is what a Youtube fan has done. 

Hmm that’s all for now folks, and stay in touch, love and peace


Friday, June 1


It is with great displeasure I understand that there are TV series in the works,. This is not a general statement about TV as a whole, but about the spin offs that are being developed for promotional cash in purposes. 
The latest rumoured are Expendables staring the mighty(once) holy man Steven Seagal. A turn on the film RED, starring who knows who, and possibly Step Up – as in dance films ahoy. 

Well I am not sure that I can handle this announcement, and wonder if the networks have gone crazy I tell you! Now I would imagine that the characters will be the same, played by different actors; but for every Stargate SG1 we get a Mr and Mrs Smith don't forget. Original programming please, surely is the way forward. 

Now budgets are there for TV to take over the world of action, and if Spartacus series prove there is a taste for it worldwide, but I would hate to see a franchise ruined by immediate knee jerk make money schemes.  Movies have around 100 million or so (give or take wages and marketing) for 90 mins to 120 mins. TV has usually about 2-4 million for one hour – so there you have it. Needs to be done well. 

Thoughts as always - - - -

Love and Peace


Thursday, May 31


The new trailer for the Bourne Legacy was released just a mo ago, so here it is. Notice how it fits in lovingly with the previous incarnations of the film. Thus we have the meme "sidequel" as they will call it - or do already in some parts.

Jeremy Remner does the job well as always, and the trailer hints at Chromosome manipulation? (bit scifi hay?  but who cares?) 

Anyways watch and enjoy as always peoples. (Still prefer SKYFALL more though )

Monday, May 21


Bish bash bosh, bish bash bosh,

its that time of year we all get very excited about the new Bond Trailer for Skyfall.

Country; England
Gun; Shot
Agent; Provocateur
Murder; Employment

  • A hint at Bond working off the grid, 
  • a flash in the water of a man strangling someone? 
  • An attempt at a psychoanalytic read on Bond.
  • Dame Judi, and Ralph Fiennes in moody side pose.

whats not to love?

How do you make a 50 year old franchise still fresh and vibrant

Answer get Sam Mendes and put out a trailer like this.
Who thought Bond would play word association.