I love Die Hard, the 80’s classic that made vests and fire hoses cool. (There are those that know what I mean)

In context

I really really Love Die Hard.
I really love Die Hard II
I was ok with Die Hard 3
I was irked with Die Hard 4
Die Hard 5? Go feck yourself. A good day to die hard my ass.

However, holding out to hope for the law of diminishing returns being overlooked in non-cannon named sequels (even though they are cannon) The next installment of the Die Hard franchise will be titled; 


The surname of the eponymous hero played by in this film not just one actor but by a younger actor portraying him in his 20’s on a historical adventure told in flashback. Let us for the love of God hope they do not CGI a young Willis ala Ant Man and the Wasp’s Michael Douglas/Michelle Pheiffer etc. They should take the looper vibe, maybe not with Gordon Lovett, but you get the drift.

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The official bumf for the new film, "Bad Times at The El Royale"  is in Italics below, 

It hits the cinemas in October, and looks to be surreal, and Jeff Bridges is in it, so I am sold. 

Seven strangers, each with a secret to bury, meet at Lake Tahoe's El Royale, a rundown hotel with a dark past. Over the course of one fateful night, everyone will have a last shot at redemption... before everything goes to hell. Jeff Bridges, Chris Hemsworth, Jon Hamm, Dakota Johnson and Cynthia Erivo lead an all-star cast in BAD TIMES AT THE EL ROYALE.


Don't you just love Jeff Bridges, buy his classic The Big Lebowski here - definitely worth it ! Rent or buy for less than a fiver!

Less than a fiver! 


The moon landing is one of those seminal moments that the world remember with Neil Armstrong being the name synonymous with the event. Ryan Gosling stars as that man, in a dramatized account of the individual who muttered the words we are on a sound stage one small step.............

Also don't forget that the mighty Ryan Gosling in the film "La La Land" is available here for under £4.50 !

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The newest version of "Picnic at Hanging Rock" stars Game of Thrones Natalie Dormer as the heroine ensconced in a mystery in this adaption of the 1967 novel of the same name. A group of schoolgirls who, while on an outing to Australian tourist trap Hanging Rock, mysteriously disappear. A dark tale ensues, and the BBC did a very interesting and thorough version of the seminal work of fiction. 

Lily Sullivan, who can be seen on the TV version of the Russel Crow film Romper Stomper, and Orange is the New Black's Yael Stone also grace the production.

I enjoyed it immensely and the series allows the themes to develop a lot more than the original film version did, which is also a classic in a different way.

Feel free to buy the DVD here to provide a good piece of binge viewing - only £12.99 !  


UPGRADE (the Movie) a brilliant soundtrack - Thoughts welcome

Upgrade the movie was a brilliant twist on the action sci fi genre that heavily references the styles of late 90s action films but gives some brilliant twists against genre.  Man and machine combine to make a very interesting potential universe building film, that could go heavily into sequel prequel or spin of TV land. 

I loved the movie and was lucky enough to catch it through its convoluted cinema and DVD  releases. Very much enjoyed it and although using familiar tropes and themes manages to make a mark of originality with amiable lead character and supporting actors. 

One of the under-looked points of the movie was the excellent atmosphere created by the incidental music that permeates the editing and story. Very glad to hear that the CD is available for you and definitely would be a great gift for a cinephile or collector of atmospheric music. 

Link here to buy and please enjoy! Again less that £8  so quite a bargain.  Click and buy below.



So the trailer roles in for the latest installment of the Predator franchise. I think (note I think only ..) that it might ignore the AVP vibe and concentrate on a back to routes perhaps direct sequel to the original but set between the continuity of the sequel with Danny Glover.  Don't forget if you have a chance watch the interesting movie Predators with a buff Adrien Brody which is also buy-able down the bottom of this post. 

What do you think, 

After the trailer a link to buy The Ultimate Blue-ray of the excellent  Arnold Schwarzenegger starring original. One of the best of the franchise so far. Enjoy and let me know what you think of the trailer.



The best Blue-ray version of the original of the franchise less than a tenner!

The very interesting and underrated (it really was) and Predators is deffo' worth a buy. (UNDER A FIVER !)


THE FRONT RUNNER Trailer (2018) Hugh Jackman Movie- WHAT DO WE THINK

Always thought that Hugh Jackman was so more than Wolverine, but for a generation he will the clawed mutant. Here he plays a very interesting character of a politician about to face intrigue.

I would suggest the soundtrack to this trailer is very well picked to give the trailer a racy vibe but it holds interest for me to visit the cinema whenever it is showing.

In the meantime, why not purchase a very underrated Hugh Jackman film - Real Steel for under £7

AIR STRIKE Official Trailer (2018) Bruce Willis, Adrien Brody- What do we think?

Do we like this ? Adrien Brody and Bruce Willis are putting this out with the acting well......We will see......but I am willing to give anyone a chance named nicknamed Frank Bruno, and Mr Brody has done some classics, particularity his portrayal of himself in the underrated "Dice" HBO series

Thoughts as always welcomed !

In the meantime feel free to buy a cheap Bruce Willis box-set for under £5


A classic film was on my re-watch playlist starring the amazingly masculine "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. A WWF (back before it became WWE) wrestling star who turned his hand to acting and found a perfect vehicle in this sometimes camp, but always entertaining and funny action sci-fi flick.

A twist on the “They Live” amongst us but we don't know yet genre, it has one of the best fight scenes committed to cinema which is gritty and a far cry from the now expected John Wick gun-fu.

John Carpenter directed "They Live" as an allegory for the demanding yuppy capitalist culture prevalent at the time, and the film in context is still very entertaining. 

Here's the trailer.

Buy the lovely cheap Blue-ray here for glorious high quality! 

ENTEBBE - DVD PREMIERE and REVIEW (10th September 2018 release)

As a fan of history; with interest in the modern era, I believed the just released movie “Entebbe” would have been potentially interesting cinematic fodder (all be it home cinema)
You may have heard of “Raid on Entebbe”; a TV-Movie of its time with action leanings starring the iconic Charles Bronson, which if I recall garnered a limited cinematic release in Europe. 

This modern take is not a remake but centres on the same subject matter and stars the enigmatic Daniel Bruhl (Captain America Civil War) and the English actress Rosamund Pike (Die Another Day, Gone Girl)

In a landscape of action and superhero, this updated take on the horrendous hijacking of a flight that winds up in Uganda could have been so much more than it was. It sits nicely in the genre of late 90’s thriller action but will not impress fans of all on the screen action that this film could have resonated with.

This is of course a personal statement as I really enjoyed the film which does have a good script and a trusted proven director in Paul Greengrass. 

The action could have been a bit livelier, the build up to the infamous “7th Day” of the hostage situation could have been more thrilling, but the cast and the cinematography are better than average, and this makes a nice change from the current carbon copy and paste film making that we are facing in the movie markets home and domestic.

I would suggest a buy for under a tenner, and it shows the actors playing a different range and the director stepping out of his big budget Bourne Identity vibe.

Buy the movie here for under £10 and its just released ! 

Comments below are always welcome ! 

All the best 




Dear all now on Blue Ray its interesting to look at the thoughts that occurred when the trailer hit; see how right/wrong we were. - You can of course buy it by clicking on the picture here. x

A couple of interesting screen shots from the trailer just released then an hour ago or so. 
The April release of Avengers Infinity Wars Part 1 sees the Marvel crew fighting Thanos in the culmination of the last ten years of storytelling from the studio.
Lets hope Wolverine turns up in the 4th film but here is an interesting three shots I liked from the trailer with a brief expo. 


Tony's Metal Arm
Has it been encased by a weapon does he lose his arm, - who knows but its a clear shot of it.....


Dr Strange's Spike aversion....

Dr Strange has had enough of unusual skin cleaning routines and is screaming to be let out..... Not seen this before. Not even with Dormammu 

And finally my favorite a nice clear image of them exiting the craft and arriving at Wakanda. Some of the regular Marvel faces are present. 

Whose who?

Black Panther, Caprtain America (or is he) , Black Widow, Bruce Banner, Captain Rhodes, Sam Wilson, and notice Mr Wilson is walking care of some fantastic Iron Man tech chaps!  In the background Scarlet Witch and Vision 

The spot of the week for me goes in the trailer for "Ready Player One" where in the virtual world they are playing one of the classic Arney films. 



Hello all, hope we are all having a lovely Thursday - mine was supplemented by a double espresso and gluten free toast. 

However; thought I would post a trailer for Marjorie Prime - which promises to be John Hamm's best appearance certainly since Mad Men (even though I enjoyed his comic chops in Bridesmaids). The film centers around the idea that a deceased loved one can be brought back in the form of a hologram to accompany those left behind. 

The stage play also starred the wonderful  Louis Smith who recreates the role on film here. The trailer hints that the film will discuss the nature of Technology and it's role in the human condition. I shall be heading to see this as soon as possible. Geena Davis adds support in a movie that hints it a faithful recreation of the excellent stage play. 

Have a look and comments very welcome indeed.

Love and Peace




Dear All, 

hope we had a spiffing weekend of course, back in front of the PC with some brief updates and thoughts.

I do enjoy the series “Lucifer” which goes out on Amazon Prime in the UK and finally the 3rd series has given a trailer to us a below. Looking forward to the new series, which gives a bit of a supernatural pseudo Catholic twist on the idea of cop-procedural. Trailer doesn’t give too much away but hints at some character arc twists in Lucifer’s off-screen absence between seasons.

Another wonderful cheesy trailer to give some highlight of the Christmas episode that will show Capaldi’s last run as the current incarnation of the doctor. 
Technically he has been the doctor for over a billion years lol. But we will see him move into an adventure with the first doctor before he regenerates to a lovely lady.


LATEST TRAILERS FOR YOUR PERUSAL - JULY ones that might have slipped under the radar

A selection of the latest trailers, for your perusal. Four that may have slipped under your radar, but I think are worth a watch and make a pleasant distraction from the superhero season we have undertaken.

The first is a rather interesting film that stars a very underrated Michael Shannon as a somewhat cast to type angry Gov’ type with a rather interesting creature in his control.

The trailer shows somewhat an emotional connection between a hearing-impaired co-worker and the creature from the amazon itself.  All who know me, would understand I am a very big fan of the work of Guillermo Del Toro, and the beautiful cinematography displayed in the trailer promises another entertaining film.



If I recall “The Snowman” is not the big screen live action version of the BBC short animation shown annually, but the first big screen adaption of the Scandinavian detective stories penned by famous Norwegian author Jo Nesbo.

The book is the 6th or 7th in the series but the first one on big screen. If you can ignore the name of the film, and look at the lovely sweeping images, one thinks Michael Fassbender will feature in the character role more so if the flick does well.  Modern thriller with adult themes aplenty. 


Chis Pine looking intellectual in the 2018 release called “A Wrinkle in Time”, you might not know but this the second time the 1963 work has been made into moving image. A TV Movie in 2003 was made, but has since disappeared into the annals of history.

This new version which also stars Oprah Winfrey has a big budget and an interesting tone.
Looking forward to it; as the first adaption of Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne was a TV version starring Richard Chamberlain. There’s hope for this, then right?


Final one for today,

Am quite excited about the new movie “Alpha” which stars a relatively unknown cast in the story of a hunting expedition 20,000 years ago in Europe that goes awry. The film follows a young caveman struggling to get home whilst befriending and coming to rely on a Wolf as his lone companion. 

Trailer looks good and it is directed by Albert Brooks who has these venerable films under his belt. (Menace II Society (1993), Dead Presidents (1995), American Pimp (1999), From Hell (2001), as well perhaps more famously the interesting Book of Eli starring Denzel Washington. 

Enjoy and comments all welcomed. 



Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

I do like pipe smokers with a crossbow..
I like Tim Burton very much, always have. (Despite his historic desire to keep employing the Depp in everything he makes). In the most past at least; he continues to be original and have a unique spin that other Directors have tried to capture but do not. 
All the bad-ass protagonists
It is hard to come across as charming and dark in equal measures; two film styles that are somewhat antagonistic. In someone else hands we are left with a movie too flippant for older teens or adults, and too well “scary” for younger audiences.  It’s hard to find an exact example - but the work on Phillip Pullmans “The Golden Compass” is closest with box office and weak advertising not capturing the intended vibe. Another example might be Mac and Me……..only joking in the last sentence. I was just dared to get a Mac and Me reference in this.

With Eva Green headlining (although all stars given an equal measure really) the interesting and well-made Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, this reviewer believes the film manages very successfully to tick the scary box and the light hearted box, with the caveat younger viewers will be uncomfortable by some scenes that are scary (and demanding psychologically) through CGI and wonderful subtle stop motion. (Well done Burton)

I hate reviews with spoilers, but if you can imagine the film (as others have picked up on) is similar in theory to the X-men, a disparate group of children, who come together in school for their own protection from an unstoppable and damaged villain.  

Jules has let himself go.........
The lovely part here is the powers here on display are truly unique and a hark back to the time these children come from. Airing on Circus carnival style imagery with wartime fright, this typical Burton uniqueness and use of the excellent source material, is left behind in films that target the key young adult market. I would recommend it whole heatedly and out of the movies I have seen that have been intended to set up a sequel or 3, this film is written in such a way that if it were to stand alone, I would be content that all the themes and ideas have been nicely wrapped up. I left the cinema in a good mood, happy that once in a while we can get something a little more unique. 
Love and Peace Newman



FILMS AND TV MEET - The future business model - TIME WILL TELL

I am not sure I can think of too many examples, well maybe I can think of a few that didn’t work too well such as Highlander where Movies span into TV series. The recent semi-success of the Marvel connected Universe (You F’d Up DC) means producers are starting to toy with the model more. 

More to come…. you just watch.

NOT Mel Gibson or Danny Glover
Not Mark Wahlberg but he made it

Not Chris Rock or funny, not Jackie Chan but tough

I am not talking about the new versions we are inundated with. Lethal Weapon and the Shooter for examples (got to love Bobby Le Swagger) but versions where the movie world is continued by the same continuity and acting base as TV series running alongside or after.

Shortly in cosmic terms the “Dark Tower” movie will happen with a companion TV show hitting us at around the same time. This might be an interesting new model outside the superhero genre.

I would love (maybe…….) a Bond film to hit the cinema with a companion series on BBC 1 showing the machinations behind the scenes of some characters…. Could work right. Popular character then becomes a show for the next film ….

Nothing to do with it, but a relevant image

In this current Steven King adaptation, the home release of the film will coincide with the TV show. 

As always Love and Peace



#howidlandinwitnessprotection - #hastaggames - Most fun in a while

Image result for twitter funny

Once more a little note on a hashtag game this time called #howidlandinwitnessprotection that I have enjoyed! good fun by all, tried to keep mine to movie references, but overall getting caught up in it! 

Love and Peace


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Hello all,

Image result for twitter funny

I do like the movie games on twitter, they cn be most entertaining, here is a snap of some of the good ones in the game #filmsforbikers .

Good fun to be had by all, cheers

Love and Peace



#ADDACARETOAFILMTITLE - Always fun twitter games !

Always fun to shed the fun with a snapshot of some tweeters


Here are some to look at and spread the joy.

Don't forget if you feel the urge you can take part on Twitter




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